Ask for Instant Feedback and Turn Detractors into Promoters

Ask for Instant Feedback and Turn Detractors into Promoters

Get real-time guest feedback using TrustYou Live Survey

How it works:

When it comes to feedback, there is no better time than present. Asking your guests for real-time feedback allows you to identify and fix issues as well as positively influence overall experience before a negative review is posted online.

TrustYou Live Survey enables you to actively request feedback from your guests during the most crucial phase of the guest journey - at your property. The real-time feedback gives you a chance to listen and adjust right away.

Turn Things Around to Prevent Negative Feedback

Live Survey allows guests to communicate their immediate thoughts and impressions. Identify issues while guests are at your property and initiate fast service recovery to improve the guest experience.

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Establish Trust by Taking Issues Seriously

Once an issue arises, you can immediately work towards resolving it. Quick action always makes a positive impression, making guests feel heard and respected.

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Create an Unforgettable Experience

View correlations of real-time feedback with post-stay feedback, optimize your operations and services to deliver an excellent experience to your future guests.

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Get to Know Guests Better for Next Time

With Live Survey, you can collect guests’ email addresses for future upsell offers. Responses can also be saved in guests’ profiles, so you know what to avoid or fix during their next visit.

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Encourage Your Guests to Share Their Feedback

Promote your Live Survey by distributing the URL link and QR code on printed material or once guests connect to your WiFi. Place the promotion in the lobby, guest room, or restaurant to encourage live communication with your guests.

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Easy, Customized Set-Up with Your Hotel Brand

You can start leveraging guest feedback right away by simply generating and printing the QR code or URL link. Customize the look and feel of your surveys to better align with your hotel brand.

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Enable Your Staff to Respond Quickly and Effectively

Incorporating real-time feedback into your hotel operations can be tricky, but it is well worth the effort. The tool’s Team Chat features allow you to collect responses, assign them to the right team member, and respond to the guest, all from one place.

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