Inform Booking Decisions with TrustYou Review Data

Inform Booking Decisions with TrustYou Review Data

Improve your booking experience by using TrustYou Review Data

How it works:

TrustYou Review Data allows you to power your booking platforms with immediate and customizable review content compiled from millions of global hotel & restaurant reviews. Guide users through your website to their final booking decision with TrustYou data.

Guest reviews and ratings provide the most important context travelers look to when planning and booking a journey. Provide travelers with the details they need to increase conversions on your booking site.

Access the Largest Database of Accommodation Reviews

Map your properties to our extensive database of over 700,000 properties with our proprietary algorithm. Best-in-class semantics analyzes 3 million guest reviews per week, covering more than 25 languages, so you can provide the targeted insights that travelers need.

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Transform Website Engagement With Quality Review Content

Google, Bing,, and 100+ more travel sites rely on TrustYou review data to ensure the highest data quality. Our partners experience more online conversions after implementing review data that convince their website visitors.

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Personalized Expert Service Meets Easy Self Set-up Options

Our content can be integrated via HTML widgets or as raw JSON data that you can entirely custom fit to your user interface and branding strategy. You can also live call our content via API, or download the content available via our AWS buckets.

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Provide Key Accommodation Details to Increase Bookings

TrustYou Review Data formulates useful filters based on popular traveler review categories, allowing visitors to your site to easily find and view the hotel listings most relevant to them.

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Utilize review data for your:

OTA, TMC, or Booking Engine

Hotel chain or hotel management company

Destination marketing organization