Take on the race to recovery with a Hotel Relief Pack from TrustYou

The new TrustYou review category, Public Health, helps you understand guests’ concerns and expectations around cleanliness, while our Trusted Cleanliness badge showcases your hotel’s own hygiene and safety measures in response to COVID-19.

It’s all a matter of Public Health semantics

TrustYou’s review analysis looks at keywords and how they are used to reveal insights into the guest experience. The new Public Health category captures guests’ sentiments around COVID-19, including cleanliness standards and new technologies, sanitization, health and safety measures, and personal protective equipment.

What you get:
  • Understand your guests’ needs and fears
  • Ensure you take the right precautions, and offer future guests comfort and peace of mind
  • Stay instantly informed and improve your guest satisfaction

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Trust in the Trusted Cleanliness badge

Showcase the stringent hygiene and safety measures you take in response to the crisis. Earn your Trusted Cleanliness badge by filling out a cleanliness assessment to confirm how you measure up with COVID-19 sanitization standards. If you qualify, the complimentary badge will be awarded to your hotel by TrustYou.

What you get:
  • Showcase your stringent COVID-19 hygiene standards and create awareness of your hotel’s commitment to cleanliness
  • Ease the fears of travelers about hygiene and provide confidence that your hotel is safe for future guests
  • Drive more bookings with a complimentary marketing solution from TrustYou

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