Best Practices

So Antworten Sie Auf Positive Gästebewertungen

Catalina Brinza // October 21, 2022

Dieser Ratgeber bietet Hoteliers eine einfach zu befolgende Struktur und enthält Beispiele für Antworten auf positive Bewertungen . Außerdem finden Sie hier Vorschläge, wie Sie Ihre Antwortstrategie mit der TrustYou-Plattform noch effektiver gestalten können. 

How to Respond to Positive Reviews

Catalina Brinza // August 9, 2022

Replying to positive feedback may not be your number one priority, but we encourage you to take your time and respond as much as you can to your guests’ praises. By saying a genuine thank…

How to Respond to Negative Reviews

TrustYou // August 9, 2022

This guide provides hoteliers an easy-to-follow structure with examples of negative reviews and responses. It also includes suggestions on how to make your response strategy more effective with the TrustYou platform.

4 Easy Ways To Leverage The TrustYou Comp Index For A Clear Market Advantage

Catalina Brinza // August 2, 2021

In the hospitality industry, competition is one of the most challenging factors, but also the one that can drive the best quality in terms of amenities and services. With so many different options available on…

The Best Hotel Reopening Strategies after Prolonged Lockdown

Catalina Brinza // May 13, 2021

Going through a prolonged lockdown is one of the biggest challenges the hotel industry has faced until now. While having your doors closed is no reason to rejoice, it’s important to assess the other side…

The Ultimate Guide To Hotel Cleanliness Standards Around The World

Catalina Brinza // March 9, 2021

The cleanliness and safety standards adopted by hospitality spread across a wide range of measures, certifications, and strategies, all of them valid and certainly necessary. However, in order to make the best decisions for your…

Leveraging Reviews To Elevate A Hotel Listing In The Covid-19 Era

Catalina Brinza // February 25, 2021

Online reviews and guest feedback contribute to the overall success of a hotel business, either through enticing travelers to book, enforcing trust in the hotel’s amenities and services, or simply through providing guests with a…

5 Ways for Hotels to Prepare for Recovery and Reopening

Catalina Brinza // April 23, 2020

Change is never easy, especially when it is imposed by negative circumstances such as the COVID-19 outbreak. In the travel landscape, everything changed at an incredibly rapid pace, and, as one of the most affected…

Maximizing Productivity Working Remotely

TrustYou // April 6, 2020

Working from Home? Or homely working. Don’t worry if you missed that terrible dad joke. There are countless reasons why more people are working from home or from remote locations. Regardless, advances in technology make…