Best practices

Go-To Guide for Enterprise-Level Implementation

Laura Badiu // April 11, 2019

The implementation of a new software is a process in itself, especially when referring to hotel chains, where every single change is reported on a large and complex scale. This comprehensive guide breaks down the…

An Introduction to Online Feedback

Laura Badiu // February 25, 2019

Online reputation management is a relatively simple concept that refers to the overall tactics and strategies used when managing a hotel’s online image

Guest Surveys - DOs and DON’Ts

Laura Badiu // January 17, 2019

As our studies uncover, asking for feedback from a hotel guest is the best way of receiving valuable insights into their experiences as well as getting a more positive review. However, before venturing into the…

5 Reasons Why Hotels Should Message Their Guests

Katharina Heitmann // July 24, 2018

Technology is constantly developing. As the hospitality industry is a people-centric industry, hotels have to adapt quickly to the technologies that are benefiting their guests in order to remain competitive. The trend that can no longer be…

3 Tips To Encourage Guests To Write More Reviews

Laura Badiu // June 27, 2018

For hotels, more reviews = more visibility and more chances of getting booked. Feedback has a way of coming naturally, however, it is sometimes advised to give your guests a little push and encourage their…

The Guest Feedback A-Z Guide For Hotels

Laura Badiu // February 8, 2018

The Guest Feedback A-Z Guide for Hotels is meant to break down all of the most relevant notions that are of interest to hoteliers and other members of the industry. We included short definitions and…

4 Easy Ways to Cater to International Hotel Guests

Laura Badiu // December 18, 2017

International hotel guests require a different approach and, when a hotel greets them on a daily basis, it’s imperative to adjust the marketing strategy and the staff capabilities, so they would fit the exact needs and expectations…

5 Ways for Hotels to Adapt to Generation Z

Laura Badiu // November 2, 2017

Times are rapidly changing and new generations of travelers are surfacing everyday. Millennials have been raved about in the last few years, but it is now time to focus on what comes next: generation Z.…

How to Properly Reply to Negative Reviews

Laura Badiu // September 27, 2017

Dealing with negative guest reviews is not the best experience for hoteliers, but replying to them is definitely a must. With this best practice guide, you can learn the most effective ways of dealing with…