Prevent negative guest reviews and feedback

The ultimate technology to turn an unhappy guest into a positive reviewer

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Emotion is the strongest driver of customer retention. A Live Experience solution provides an opportunity to create a personalized experience that evokes positive emotions, builds loyalty based on trust, increases response rate, and decreases hold times.

What you get:
  • Services to personalize your guests’ experience
  • Collect more positive reviews
  • Improve the overall reputation
  • Ultimately increase guest satisfaction

Good to know:

Collecting guest feedback and responding to their needs in real time enables you to make guest satisfaction a priority.

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are willing to communicate issues during their stay
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How to Prevent Negative Online Reviews?

The Live Experience solution offers ways to prevent negative post-stay feedback:

Live Survey

Collect feedback while guests are on the premises to reveal insights into how to improve their current experience. Surveys can be distributed via QR Code, SMS message, or even the WiFi login page.

Live Messaging

Act on feedback by taking action on the spot and maintaining conversations. Responding to guests’ needs in real time is essential to making them feel heard, appreciated, and putting them at ease

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