Improve guest satisfaction

The ultimate technology to reveal trends and retain guest loyalty

A key factor in keeping your guests engaged and coming back is to anticipate their needs and have your staff deliver accordingly. Our comprehensive feedback technology will enable you to analyze guest reviews in a granular way and pinpoint each property’s exact strengths and weaknesses.

What you get:
  • Find out what your guests need
  • Make better operational decisions
  • Improve guest satisfaction
  • Ultimately win more loyal customers

Good to know:

Boosting and analyzing review content enables you to improve your hotel performance and stay ahead of the competition:

How to Analyze Guest Feedback?

With TrustYou’s survey tool, artificial intelligence and best-in-class semantic technology analyzing guest feedback is easy, powerful, and actionable:

Post-Stay Survey

Collect and manage guest feedback from booking sites as well as from your own Post-Stay Survey in one inbox

Reputation Management

With a Reputation Management solution, capture guests’ sentiments, detect trends, and find areas for improvement, ensuring you deliver the best experience to your future guests

Advanced Reporting

Advanced reporting allows you to view and filter important KPIs that boost your overall hotel performance and scores

Power up with your Guest Feedback solution

Improving guest satisfaction

Fabien Linsay,
Regional Operations
Frasers Hospitality

Relying on TrustYou’s sophisticated, yet user-friendly guest feedback and gather reviews has made operations easier and faster at our hotel. TrustYou’s features have become an important part of our strategy and everyday operations. All of our properties are required to identify repeating issues and have an action plan in order to avoid them in the future, which ultimately leads to less negative feedback and better experiences for our guests