Market Your Reviews to Drive More Bookings

Review Marketing

Review Marketing

When guests publish their reviews or surveys online, they are made visible to millions of travelers on hundreds of global booking sites, impacting future booking decisions.

95% of guests read feedback prior to making a booking decision, and after price, reviews are the most important decision variable when booking a hotel.

Higher Conversion with Marketing Widgets

Integrate your TrustScore and review widgets onto your own hotel website or Facebook page to provide travelers the information they need to make a booking decision.

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Added Authenticity with Rich Snippets

Add reviews on your hotel website to influence rich snippets on Google. Build trust and increase click-through conversion from organic search results by providing relevant review content.

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Stronger Visibility with Review Distribution

Positively influence millions of travelers to book your hotel by showcasing your own positive reviews on hundreds of travel sites worldwide, including Google, KAYAK, and

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Direct Web Traffic with an Enhanced Google Listing

Display your own hotel survey reviews on Google next to major travel sites like Expedia and Get a direct link back to your website and drive traffic away from your competitors.

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Better Ratings with Survey Push

Increase your scores and ranking by collecting survey reviews and displaying them across the web. Number of reviews and positive review scores directly impact your visibility in search filters.

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Travel Sites that Display Your Meta-Review