White Papers

UK Hospitality Performance 2022-2023

TrustYou // May 14, 2024

In this whitepaper, we dive deep into the wealth of data collected from more than 15.1 million guest reviews analyzed across the two years.

Tunisia Hospitality Performance 2022-2023

TrustYou // April 8, 2024

TrustYou presents its exclusive analysis of over 324.4k guest reviews in this whitepaper, diving deep into various aspects of Tunisia's hospitality performance. This comprehensive analysis covers key indicators such as review volume recovery, performance scores,…

2023 Hospitality Peformance - Key Insights fro Guest Reviews

TrustYou // March 26, 2024

We analyzed more than 153 million global reviews from 2023 alone for this exclusive report. We looked at the review volume evolution, key categories impacting the hotels’ performance, and top sources where guests left their…

Saudi Arabia Hospitality Performance 2022-2023

TrustYou // March 12, 2024

In this whitepaper, we present an exclusive analysis of Saudi Arabia's hospitality performance based on an extensive studyof over 1.6 million guest reviews, collected from major sources, such as Booking.com, Google, TripAdvisor, and others.

Qatar Hospitality Performance 2022-2023

TrustYou // March 12, 2024

This whitepaper presents exclusive insights from a thorough analysis of over 241k reviews. The extensive analysis aims to shed light on what sets Qatar's hospitality and tourism apart and explore the key elements that have…

United Arab Emirates Hospitality Performance 2022-2023

TrustYou // March 7, 2024

In this whitepaper, we present exclusive findings based on a comprehensive study of over 3.2 million guest reviews. The public reviews are sourced from well-known online platforms, including Google Booking and TripAdvisor plus many more…

Egypt Hospitality Performance 2022-2023

TrustYou // February 29, 2024

In this whitepaper, we delve into the intriguing world of Egypt's hospitality industry, providing exclusive insights into its performance based on an in-depth analysis of over 1.8 million guest reviews. The public reviews were collected…

Spain Hospitality Performance 2022-2023

TrustYou // December 21, 2023

With this paper, we aim to give you a complete overview of the state of Spanish hospitality as seen through the eyes of the guests. We’ve analyzed more than 16.4 million guest reviews from 2022…

Pulse of the Industry Q3 2023

TrustYou // December 5, 2023

https://resources.trustyou.com/c/introduction-poi-q3-2023?x=tGss8C&utm_source=Website&utm_medium=whitepaperThe third quarter brought positive results in terms of travel performance. Based on our analysis of more than 48.5 million guest reviews worldwide, the review volume reached 81.6% of its 2019 level.