White Papers

Pulse of the Industry Q1 2023

TrustYou // June 30, 2023

The first quarter of 2023 marked the end of the COVID-19 era for traveling, with China being among the last major travel players lifting travel restrictions. Once again, Chinese tourists will gradually start traveling internationally.…

Das Comeback der städtischen Reiseziele - Pulse of the Industry Q4 2022

TrustYou // February 22, 2023

Pulse of the Industry Q4 2022 spiegelt die globale und regionale Entwicklung in der Reisebranche wieder. Dieser Bericht gibt Ihnen Zugriff auf eine Selektion unserer Daten, in Kombination mitForschungsergebnissen unabhängiger Beteiligter, um Ihnen einen vollständigen…

The Rise of Urban Destinations - Pulse of the Industry Q4 2022

TrustYou // February 22, 2023

Our worlwide analysis of 31.6 million reviews captures the evolution of global and regional travel in Q4 2022. This report will give you access to a selection of our data, combined with third-party research, to…

A Maze of Opportunities and Challenges - Pulse of the Industry Q3 2022

TrustYou // November 15, 2022

For the third quarter of 2022, our analysis of 40.7 million reviews shows an uneven recovery. We witness destinations experiencing overtourism while some countries have just begun to reopen their borders after another year focused…

The Impact of Reviews on Booking Behavior and Reputation

TrustYou // October 26, 2022

Online reviews have become a crucial factor when deciding to book accommodation. From hotels and resorts to B&Bs, hostels, and vacation rentals, online reviews are the new word of mouth. Travelers heavily rely on feedback…

The Long-Awaited Vacations - Pulse of the Industry Q2 2022

Catalina Brinza // August 18, 2022

Our worldwide analysis of 33.1 million guest reviews offers insights into the post-pandemic travel scene and hospitality trends as they happen.

TrustYou Presents The Q1 2022 Pulse of the Industry Report

Catalina Brinza // May 17, 2022

Dedicated to helping hospitality companies win through the power of listening to direct guest feedback, TrustYou contextualizes the world’s biggest database of guest reviews for the first time in a quarterly rhythm. Building on the…

TrustYou Presents The 2022 Review Insights Report - Global & Regional

Catalina Brinza // March 17, 2022

The 2022 edition of the Review Insights Report highlights the increasing value of online reviews and feedback in a changed travel industry. Globally, guest reviews take on a new shape in the form of chats,…

A White Paper From HSMAI + TrustYou: Do You Know Your Guests?

TrustYou // August 12, 2021

Throughout the pandemic, hotel companies adapted to the new dynamics of customer feedback. During recovery, they’re applying the lessons they learned — and implementing solutions that are increasingly responsive, adaptive, and data-driven. We collaborated with…