Collect Guest Surveys to Improve Staff Operations

Guest Surveys

Guest Surveys

Through guest surveys, hotels can proactively solicit guest feedback, make the right staff and procedural adjustments, and attain operational excellence.

On average, nearly half of all a hotel’s reviews are collected via their own guest satisfaction survey, which are statistically higher overall when solicited by the hotel themselves.

More Guest Reviews with Solicited Feedback

Automatically engage with guests to rate their pre-arrival, on-site and post-stay experiences based on specific hotel categories. Collect valuable survey reviews to positively influence hotel rankings and ultimately increase revenue.

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Brand Consistency with Customizable Templates

Customize the look and feel of your surveys to better align with your hotel's brand and personality. Modify colors, fonts, and headers , as well as the alignment of questions to maintain familiarity with the interaction.

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Specific Insights with Question Logic

Create personalized questions based on guest profiles, making the survey more relevant to each type of guest. Trigger or hide questions based on certain answers, assess customer loyalty, and receive the detailed feedback you need to improve your hotel product.

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Improve Operations with Semantic Analysis

With TrustYou's powerful semantic technology, you can analyze survey responses and make the staff and procedural adjustments that matter most to your customers. Set up alerts on positive, neutral, or negative comments and assign tasks to take immediate action within more than 20 hotel categories.

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Marketing Influence with Survey Push

Allow guests to publish their reviews directly on Google, TripAdvisor, and even your own website to gain more visibility. Both number of reviews and positive review scores could potentially impact search rankings.

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Integrations with Important Guest Data

Seamlessly add your guest records to surveys. Either through an upload or an automatic connection to your PMS system, your customer data is easily accessible within the TrustYou platform.

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