Tip for Hotel Websites: Being Honest Key to Better Reputation

More on this topic of hotel websites today. In addition to being boring, many hotels are also lying somewhere online. Not a good way to start a relationship with a guest—setting them up and then dashing their expectations.

Newsflash: Everyone says they’re “just minutes” from everything. Twenty minutes doesn’t make your hotel just minutes from downtown. Why do I have to get on Google Maps every time I want to see how far a hotel is from something? Because I don’t trust hotels are telling me how far they are from anything. Just say it and then explain the benefits of not being downtown. “It takes 15 minutes, but we have ample, free parking. It’s easier to get around to more activities. No waiting at valet with four kids.” Be creative but be honest.

Why do I learn on TripAdvisor that a hotel runs out of their complimentary breakfast at 9 a.m. on weekends rather than having enough to serve people until 10 a.m. which is what their website says. Change the time on your materials if you can’t keep your breakfast stocked, and avoid those bad reviews. (Yes, this is something I really read on TripAdvisor about a hotel I was considering. Multiple reviews. I’m not making it up.)

Hotels often overstate their accommodations, fluff up their amenities, and change only with the trends. For instance, now everyone has healthy dining. Offering granola on a menu otherwise filled with the usual pancake and bacon fare doesn’t make your restaurant menu healthy. Ultimately, failing to offer the truth only makes for disappointed guests.

Quit making your guests check reviews to see if you’re telling the truth. Just give it to them—with a bow is fine, but give it to them. This is what hospitality is really about. Be hospitable starting with being truthful, then wait for the good reviews to roll in.



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