Weekly Roundup #28: Travel, Tech and Social Media

Week 28/2018
The Weekly Roundup is back and it’s great to have you back on our blog once again! As always, below you can find this week’s most interesting news and stories that were published in the media. We selected and summarized them for you, so you can do a quick recap before the weekend. Also, don’t forget to follow our social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.
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Industry News
AccorHotels-SBE deal will open markets for both hoteliers:
For our client Accor, the $319 million agreement to purchase 50% of SBE, which operates some of North America's most prestigious lifestyle brands, including SLS and Delano, is the latest in a buying spree that has included not only traditional hotel brands but a home-sharing company and a concierge service. The companies said Accor will acquire the 50% of SBE's common equity, held in part by Cain International, for $125 million, while SBE founder Sam Nazarian will continue to own the remaining 50% and retain operational control. The company will keep its headquarters in New York. In addition, Accor will invest $194 million to acquire preferred equity owned by the two firms.
Booking Holdings to acquire HotelsCombined:
Booking Holdings has entered into an agreement to acquire hotel metasearch site, HotelsCombined. Based in Sydney, Australia, with a strong presence in Asia-Pacific and thousands of active affiliates worldwide, HotelsCombined will report into Booking Holdings’ travel metasearch brand, Kayak.  “HotelsCombined has built a strong brand with loyal consumers across Asia-Pacific, and we believe the team will be a great addition to Kayak to further expand our worldwide metasearch strategy,” said Glenn Fogel, chief executive of Booking Holdings. The acquisition has been approved by HotelsCombined’s board of directors and stockholders and is expected to close later this year, subject to regulatory approval and satisfaction of closing conditions.
The European hotel industry on first quarter of 2018 is still growing healthily:
The latest ECM-MKG European Destinations Observatory report* points out that, in European cities, the Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR)** experienced a 4.2% growth since the beginning of the year. The Occupancy Rate*** increased by 1.2 points and the Average Daily Rate (ADR)**** by 2.3%. Midscale and Upscale/Upper Upscale are on a dynamic trend with a RevPAR that rose respectively by 4.7% and 3.8% compared to last year. Overall, a growth can be observed throughout Europe, especially in the Iberian Peninsula, Italy, Benelux and Eastern Europe.

Trends and Insights
A Tale of Two Technologies - How the Seamless Merger of Hotel Systems Leads to Better Results:
For this article we collaborated with our partner eRevMax, to describe how our successful partnership benefits hotel businesses. Hospitality is now completely reliant on technology. Between a multitude of hotel systems and software that have become absolute necessities in the 21st century, many hoteliers might feel somewhat lost or overwhelmed. In a time like this, the integration between technologies is not only welcomed by both hoteliers and travelers, but it is also deeply needed by the industry itself. In an effort to save time and increase efficiency, as well as strive for a wider, global exposure, hospitality technology providers are partnering up, the same way that our guest feedback platform is integrated into eRevMax’s hospitality operating platform.  
TrustYou Adventurers in Munich: What makes the “world’s most livable city” so special to us:
Recently, Forbes contributor Jordan Bishop picked up a study done by Monocle, an urban lifestyle magazine, which conducted its annual “Quality of Life Survey”. We are thrilled to learn that Munich, TrustYou’s Headquarter location and also founding city around 10 years ago, made it to the number 1 of the world's most livable cities! This news prompted us to ask our Munich-based TrustYou team members what they enjoy most about living in Bavaria’s capital. Since we are a particularly international team with around 30 different nationalities and even more cosmopolitan and multilingual colleagues who spent part of their lives living all across the globe, we were curious to find out what makes Munich a livable city to them and what they enjoy most about it. Among the many responses from our around 70 team members here in Munich, certain trends were spotted and overall qualities like proximity to nature and an abundance of outdoor activities, the great safety and infrastructure, as well as the sense of culture and traditions were among the things TrustYou adventurers love the most.
Google’s Mobile-First Initiative: Everything Hoteliers Need to Do Now:
Google’s mission as a search engine is simple and successful: provide web users with the highest quality search and surf experience available. Search queries completed on mobile recently surpassed desktop as the majority Google search type, a trend that is expected to continually rise as mobile searching becomes more ubiquitous with smartphone usage and the popularity of voice search continues to bloom. As the shift in the digital landscape moves through its many stages, Google has followed suit with the obvious and sustaining transformation that the mobile web is here to stay, placing a greater focus on the mobile experience with Google’s announcement of mobile-first indexing. This extended article goes through the most important strategies that hoteliers should adopt, from redesigning their website to optimizing content.

The 19 Tech Tools You Need to Run a Successful Restaurant:
Running a restaurant is hard work, but luckily, technology comes to the rescue in almost every aspect of restaurant operations. This post breaks down some of the most important software and tech-related strategies that owners and managers should use in order to ensure the best possible outcome. From the restaurant’s online presence, to POS systems, accounting and delivery, you can find all that you need to know in this extended article. Examples of great software, as well as comparisons are also provided.
The Rise of Superhumans: How AI Is Making Us Smarter, Faster, and Better at Work:
Artificial intelligence isn’t just making machines smarter, it’s also enhancing human intelligence, performance, and productivity – especially in the workplace. Research by Markets and Markets anticipates that AI will become a $5.05 billion market by 2020. This is linked to increases in applications across a range of industries, including finance, tech, healthcare, retail, and service. The impact of machine learning can be seen across a range of industries and job descriptions. From sales teams, marketers, and customer service agents to doctors, dog-walkers, and electricians, machine learning will make all of us better, faster, stronger members of the workforce. You can find a very interesting and insightful infographic that shows the ways in which AI is helping us work better, faster, and more efficient.

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