Meet us at ITB Berlin – The Worlds Leading Travel Trade Show® this week

The TrustYou team will be at the ITB in Berlin, Germany this week (March 09-13).

Co-Founder and Managing Director Benjamin Jost will speak at the Roundtable of PhocusWright@ITB on wednesday, 9th of March at 3:45 pm.

Our Founders and Managing Directors Benjamin Jost and Jakob Riegger and our Executive Vice President Sales International Kristof Roemer will offer demos of our product TrustYou Analyics to interested hotels attending the tradefair.

We look forward to showing you our wide product range:

  • Our reputation management tool for hotels, TrustYou Analytics with a lot of new interesting features
  • Our Widget API featuring numerous ways to visualize the online reputation of a hotel or restaurant – the essence of hundreds and sometimes thousands of reviews condensed in a single picture that we call “seal”
  • Our Semantic API that summarizes and visualizes hundreds or thousands of pieces of content, finding out what sentiment the author had about this concept
  • Our Matching API that matches your content to our TrustYou ID

If you would like to make an appointment or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Benjamin Jost, Co-Founder and Managing Director

Jakob Riegger, Co-Founder and Managing Director

Kristof Roemer, Executive Vice President Sales International


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