Hotel Messaging to Improve the Guest Experience

Guest Messaging

Guest Messaging Software for Hotels

Guests report significantly higher satisfaction ratings when using messaging and social media channels to communicate with their hotel.

Hotels can quickly engage with their guests on their preferred channel, provide real-time offers and upgrades, gain detailed customer insights, and improve internal operations.

Benefit from Multiple Hotel Communication Channels

TrustYou uses many popular communication methods. Engage with your guests via these channels to keep guests informed, manage guest expectations, and offer upgrades.

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Personalize the Guest Experience with Pre-Stay Guest Surveys

Manage and monetize the check-in process more efficiently with pre-stay surveys that include guest preferences and room upgrade possibilities. Continue to receive feedback on-site and post-stay with TrustYou’s guest survey features.

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Provide Real-Time Service with Hotel Text Messages

Schedule outreach messages or one-time broadcast messages in order to stay in touch with your guests while on-site. Respond to incoming messages faster with saved templates.

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Increase Hotel Staff Efficiency with a Hotel Messaging Software

Assign multiple guest conversations directly to staff members. Staff members get notified and can efficiently manage through one shared inbox, ensuring guest issues are resolved in less time.

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Integrate with your Hotel Property Management System

While helping a guest, view past conversations, internal staff notes, and guest preferences to better understand their needs. With the addition of your guest’s phone number, the guest profile can be linked to social profiles, allowing your hotel to further nurture guest loyalty.

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Elevate and Evaluate the Guest Experience

Increase guest survey response rates by requesting feedback via the channels your guest most often uses. Better understand the guest experience with insightful analysis on survey responses and guest messages.

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Add a Voice-Based Communication at Your Hotel

Various types of questions and commands are now seamlessly delivered to Messaging from systems, like Google Home or Amazon Echo, ensuring better communication and a memorable on-site experience.

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