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TrustYou Connect

Hotel guest information is currently disconnected from guest feedback, resulting in limited or no guest insight for hotels and hotel solution providers.

eCommerce solutions (PMS, CRM, IBE, RMS, OTA, or GDS) seamlessly connect with the TrustYou guest feedback platform to help hoteliers influence every stage of the guest journey and improve guest experiences and satisfaction.

Painless and Worry-Free Two-Way Connection

TrustYou connects with your system and guest data files directly, allowing your team to enjoy a seamless integration with our guest feedback platform. TrustYou Connect partners can pair personalized guest reviews to existing guest profiles.

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Allow Hotels to Influence Their Meta-Reviews and TrustScore

Reviews collected with TrustYou Surveys are pushed into your hotel customer’s Meta-Review and TrustScore, which are displayed on hundreds of sites worldwide, including Google, KAYAK,, Skyscanner, and more.

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Free Products and Benefits

Our partners and their hotel customers gain access to our powerful guest survey solution, TrustYou Surveys. A lite version is free to use, while available upgrades include more advanced features. The survey also connects directly to the industry's leading online reputation platform, TrustYou Analytics, to provide guest insights that improve hotel operations.

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Leverage Real-Time Messaging

Hotel customers can incorporate on-site communication services to improve the guest experience with TrustYou Messaging, TrustYou’s newest addition to the guest feedback platform.

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Customizable and Collaborative Partnerships

TrustYou creates customizable platform connections that help achieve your strategic business goals. Partners benefit from an enhanced feature set and hotel customers easily access guest solutions from one platform login.

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