TrustYou’s 2022 Global Review Insights Report Shows Steady Recovery of Hospitality Industry With Increasing Review Volume

by March 17, 2022 10:17 am Press Releases

Munich, 17 March 2022 - The new edition of TrustYou’s Review Insights Report reveals key findings to define the state of the travel industry in 2021 and what can be expected for 2022. 

The report highlights the increasing value of online reviews and feedback in a changed travel industry. Globally, the 13.3% increase in review volume from 2021 compared to 2020 emphasizes that the industry is on a steady path to recovery. A key driver of travel was the significant growth in domestic travel that could be witnessed across the globe. 


The report also revealed a rise in positive feedback, from 80% in 2019 to 91% in 2021. This shows that the experiences created by the hospitality industry, despite a difficult travel environment, met and surpassed the expectations of recent travelers. The investment in new technology and contactless communication methods assured safe stays in a time of social distancing, allowing hoteliers to provide great guest experiences. As a result, hoteliers were able to serve their guest’s needs immediately, preventing neutral or even negative reviews. 


For additional analysis, the relevant insights have been broken down by region for APAC, EMEA, US, and DACH. Since the pandemic hit each area of the world so differently, the separate editions of the report help to provide the best possible overview for each area. 


In four chapters, the reports include:


  • An in-depth overview of global and regional travel trends and statistics
  • TrustYou’s positive and negative Impact Scores 
  • Spotlights on the development of reviews in general and third-party sources.
  • What mattered most to hoteliers when interacting with guests. 


The Review Insights Report is available for free download in the following editions: Global, APAC, EMEA, US and DACH



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TrustYou helps companies win through the power of listening and provides a Guest Experience (GX) Platform that makes listening to customers easy, powerful, and actionable. The platform unlocks the potential of guest feedback and helps to: 

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