TrustYou’s got Heart: 4th Annual Call to Auction

November is charity time at TrustYou and team members in the Munich HQ organize the annual Call to Auction event. What's become so special about it? Donations happen in two ways. Every team member can donate items or services put up for the auction. In turn, everyone can then participate in the wild bidding game to purchase these very unique pieces!

Call to Auction: What's on the List?

There is a big variety of purchasing options among the things put up for sale. Besides homemade cakes or cookies, others bring stuff from the attic they want to get rid off. And yet others offer their services, including hiking trips, pancake breakfasts, or dinner invitations.

Let’s have a look at some of this year’s highlights: quite a number of things catered to very practical needs, including a Soap Creator Starter Kit, a Japanese Thriller DVD Set, or a Powerbank. Others eventually came with a dedicated attempt to create new experiences!

Thus, the bidding game centered for example on an “Amazing Asparagus Dinner” (the quintessential German dish in springtime), a masterclass in PingPong, a fishing trip to one of the lakes around Munich, a full-day brewing session at Hopsylvania, or learning how to play the guitar.

Bidding for Experiences

This year’s top-sellers: One week in Lanzarote at a family home for 330 €, a Self-Protection Crash Course with TrustYou’s own Sayoc Kali Ambassador for 300 €, as well as a Beer & Food Pairing Experience for 300 € with a professional beer sommelier. In total, 35 items were up for the auction. It’s been a truly great evening with lots of laughter, unexpected joint forces to bid on certain items. The “sharing is caring” spirit was around everywhere.

This memorable night would not have come into being without our dedicated team members Radu, Andjelina, Danielle, Michi, and Deepak. Thank you so much to all of you for making this an unforgettable evening!

And the Money goes to...

While in previous editions the sum gathered during the night was donated to one single charity organization, this year each team member donated the money to an organization of their choice.  What we are particularly proud of: this year the team almost doubled the amount raised during the auction in 2017.

The fantastic amount of more than 2,500€  was raised, and local as well as charity organizations around the globe have already received their donations. We're beyond excited to have such an amazing team with an even bigger heart. And naturally, we can’t wait for the next edition!

Laura Badiu

Laura is a passionate bookworm and a gifted writer. Since joining TrustYou’s marketing team, she has embraced topics in the travel and hospitality sector with enthusiasm. Using her degree in Journalism, Laura creatively weaves words into insightful stories with a focus on reputation management.

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