The Contactless Guest Journey – How to Inspire a Positive Reputation Every Step of the Way

When it comes to the guest experience, we have long ceased to refer to a single time and place - it’s called a journey for a reason. The overall experience, which goes to impact the final feedback and therefore, the hotel’s online reputation, doesn’t start with the check-in process; hoteliers have a chance to make a positive impression even before the guests step foot in the hotel. In fact, the guest experience begins with consideration, ahead of the search and booking phase, which can happen months in advance of the actual stay. 

Due to the rising extent of reputation management, hoteliers have the power to influence not only the on-site experience but also the decision-making process and the afterthought. 

This creates an overall experience, made up of all the different touchpoints for your hotel. At TrustYou, we have made it our mission to cover all the key points of the guest experience and help hoteliers make a positive impact every step of the way, by using the right engagement tools and strategies to build a guest relationship that lasts long after their first stay. 

Especially during the current pandemic, when travelers are burdened by so many extra questions and uncertainties, we believe it’s crucial to open the lines of communication as soon as possible and show guests that you are there to meet their needs and keep them safe and happy during all times.

Here are the best ways of doing so, by leveraging the exclusive TrustYou solutions:

Pre-stay phase:

This is your chance to actively address insecurities and safety concerns and build trust.

Given the corona crisis and the rising health and safety concerns, it’s imperative to build trust in your hotel’s cleanliness standards before the guests check-in. In fact, this is one key point that can drive a booking decision, as travelers are now considering the level of cleanliness and safety when choosing a hotel. At TrustYou, we have developed the exclusive Trusted Cleanliness Badge, which we award hotels that adhere to stringent cleanliness and safety standards. The badge is a great visual display that can ensure trust and make travelers feel safe enough to make a booking. You can display the cleanliness badge on your hotel website and drive more conversions, as well as build trust and a positive reputation. Read more about the cleanliness badge here and learn about the current cleanliness standards around the world from this best practice guide.

Open up the lines of communication with the TrustYou Live Experience solution. You can reach out to guests even before they arrive at the hotel and anticipate their needs and expectations through a short pre-stay survey. There is no need to wait anymore - by communicating even prior to the stay, you can get valuable insights and cater to any special requests, in order to make the best possible impression and show your guests that you care. 

On-site phase:

Be the ultimate host, by checking in with your guests regularly and adjusting to their needs.

TrustYou Live Experience is a real-time communications tool that can be utilized during the on-site phase of the guest journey to minimize in-person interaction while still ensuring guest questions, requests, and needs are being met. In addition to the fast and easy guest communication, an On-Site Survey can be sent as a pulse check to ensure guests are enjoying their stay so far, as well as to solve any issues on the spot before they turn into negative impressions and reviews. The Team Chat feature of the Live Experience module can be easily used to communicate inter-departmentally based on the feedback received from Live Messaging conversations and responses to the Live Survey. By combining all these crucial elements into one easy-to-use solution, with a shared Inbox, you ensure that guests are heard, their needs are met, and the internal operations run smoothly.

Post-stay phase:

Build a relationship that lasts beyond their stay and returns positive recommendations.

A Post-Stay Survey can be sent after the guest checks out to collect solicited feedback. The data received as a result can be combined with the third-party reviews that are also being crawled within the Analytics module of the TrustYou platform, which enables hoteliers to thoroughly analyze feedback and take action. Hotels can focus on the sentiment analysis available for Public Health, Service Friendless, and any other topics that may be of significance to them in a mid/post-pandemic world. 

Paying close attention to post-stay feedback can give you the right insights to make necessary adjustments, solve issues, and work towards creating a better guest experience for future guests.

Ensuring transparency, safety, and service friendliness in each stage of the guest journey is critical, now more than ever, and can be easily accomplished with the TrustYou platform. We make sure to support hoteliers with all the necessary tools to make a difference and nurture a positive reputation, from the search and booking process and up to the post-stay phase of the journey.

Feel free to reach out to our team of experts for any question or inquiry that you might have and they’ll be happy to walk you through the benefits and capabilities of the award-winning TrustYou platform!

Laura Badiu

Laura is a passionate bookworm and a gifted writer. Since joining TrustYou’s marketing team, she has embraced topics in the travel and hospitality sector with enthusiasm. Using her degree in Journalism, Laura creatively weaves words into insightful stories with a focus on reputation management.

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