We believe in the power to listen

Desde o início, compreendemos o potencial de receber feedback; do mercado, dos nossos clientes e dos nossos funcionários. As empresas que valorizam o feedback ganham confiança, tomam melhores decisões e, em última instância, são bem-sucedidas. Temos o compromisso de criar uma plataforma inovadora que torna a receção de feedback simples, poderosa e acionável.

Na TrustYou, ajudamos as empresas a vencer com The Power to Listen (o poder de ouvir).

Junte-se à equipa

Who we are

We are global. We are multicultural. We are one team with 160+ feedback experts. TrustYou is a remote first company operating in the US, Europe and Asia with the goal to help companies to succeed with the power of feedback. We make sure that we meet the local and regional requirements of our clients and partners while taking a global approach to our products, mindset, and company vision.

Aquilo que defendemos

At TrustYou our values shape our working environment, our team, our business relationships to enable companies with the power to listen. We strive for customer excellence and live and breathe an open feedback culture. Our team is our most important asset and our teamwork and collaboration foster the best results. We test, we learn, we improve. Every team member has a unique voice that is heard and contributes to TrustYou's success.

Aquilo que nos diferencia

Praticamos o que defendemos. No fundo, acreditamos que dar ouvidos ao feedback é essencial para o sucesso. Pegamos nos dados e transformamo-los numa história que todos podem ler, compreender e utilizar para tomar melhores decisões. Em 26 idiomas, ajudamos empresas espalhadas pelo mundo a ouvir o que os seus clientes têm a dizer. Com dedicação e paixão. Todos os dias.

A nossa equipa de administração

Ben Jost Trustyou

Benjamin Jost, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Ben criou a TrustYou com uma ideia simples em 2008: tornar o feedback gerado pelos utilizadores acessível e compreensível. Lidera a TrustYou com paixão, ideias inovadoras e uma mente aberta para ativar todo o potencial da plataforma de feedback, da equipa e da sua liderança. Antes da TrustYou, esteve ocupado a tentar ser jogador de futebol profissional, a obter o mestrado em tecnologias elétricas e de informação e a dar os primeiros passos em capital de risco e em fusões e aquisições empresariais no setor das energias renováveis.

Benjamin Jost

Cofundador e diretor executivo
Nikolai Trustyou

Dr. Nikolai Visnjic, Chief Financial Officer

Nikolai sempre teve uma paixão por números, economia, capital de risco e capital privado. De tal forma que decidiu dedicar a sua tese de doutoramento a estes assuntos. Na TrustYou, supervisiona tudo o que está relacionado com finanças, análises, planeamento e orçamentos. Antes de ser diretor financeiro, começou como analista e assumiu cargos de liderança em grupos de investimento e consultoras. Para equilibrar o tempo que passa à secretária, gosta de pegar na mota de motocross e enfrentar colinas altas, lagos lamacentos e caminhos atribulados.

Dr. Nikolai Visnjic

Chief Financial Officer
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Jacek Mech, Senior Vice President of Engineering

Jacek Mech started his career in Warsaw, working as System Analyst and joined TrustYou in 2011 as a Senior Architect. Jacek worked his way up in the last ten years and is currently our Senior Vice President of Engineering, his experience and constant dedication bringing high value to this job. His focus points as the head of the engineering department revolve around technology and the processes improvement on the department level, as well as translating product to technology strategy.

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Jacek fully embraces the philosophy of radical transparency and that includes giving and receiving honest feedback on every action that one executes. Jacek’s unique position makes him a feedback expert, since he combines years of software development experience with a passion for managing and understanding agile development processes, human motivation and personal growth.

Our Senior VP of Engineering strongly believes in TrustYou’s unique positioning on the market, due to the seamless integration of post-stay and live feedback solutions that enables hoteliers to to understand their strengths and weaknesses, and act on them immediately. Jacek enjoys his work at TrustYou because he found here an open-minded, transparent, and feedback-driven work environment that he also helped shape throughout the years. He likes knowing that the company helps both travelers and industry workers enhance multiple aspects of the travel journey, one of the most important and life-changing experiences.

Jacek describes himself as someone who is structured, transparent, and loves learning new things. His personal skill of thinking on paper helps him in his day-to-day job and he’s found that writing down his tasks, challenges, and solutions allow him to be more structured and develop results that are easy to share and that have a positive, long-term impact.

Jacek was born and raised in Pila, in the northern part of Poland and he speaks both Polish and English. In his spare time, he enjoys cycling, walking, hiking, skiing, playing basketball and soccer – pretty much anything that has to do with the outdoors -, as well as reading. His biggest milestone in life was the birth of his twin daughters. Jacek says he would love to be able to wake up early, when the world is still and silent, but for now, he’s what you might call a night-owl and he gets his best ideas after sundown.

Jacek Mech

Senior Vice President of Engineering

We are visionaries!

Our products have a huge impact on the hospitality industry! We use the power of big data, machine learning, and natural language processing to access and transform millions of guest reviews on the internet to create a comprehensive overview for hoteliers and travelers. Major industry players like Google and Accor Hotels trust and display our accomplishments!

We strive for excellence!

We work together to continuously improving our products, integrating client feedback into our ideas, and, looking for new markets and solutions. We are creative, analytic, precise, and always give our best. TrustYou is the world’s largest guest feedback platform, and we are the people behind it.