How to Achieve Organizational Change through Customer Feedback

Organizational change CAN be achieved through customer feedback, that is why hotels must look into ways to collect information from your guests. Everyone who stays in your hotel should be presented with ways that enable him or her to give feedback, because the feedback you received helps to improve the customer experience. This article will take you through the entire process of asking for feedback. It will teach you many useful things that will prove to be efficient now and in the future.

#1: Encourage Customer Feedback

A guest experience survey is something you give to each one of your customers. It must be easy to complete, and the information acquired should be easy to measure. You do not want to force your customers to spend too much time on the survey, and you do not want to make the survey too complex for its audience. One way hotels can offer the survey to the customers is through the online checkout. They will need to just click on a few answers to simple questions. If your website is mobile optimised, your customers can also complete the survey from their phones. Some companies also opt for sending their customers a friendly email with the feedback survey. All things considered, ask everyone to give feedback, and ensure you have a number of options available for customers to do so.



#2: Changes within the Company


The changes you make within your company as a result to the feedback information you have received from your customers may alter small policies that are used within the location every day. If you decide to make those changes, you have to let your employees know the adjustments you wish to make. By putting these changes into practice, you may increase the likeliness of your customers and eliminate the negative things. Hotel owners who wish to improve their company’s customer experience must read over every feedback result to learn what areas need improvement.


#3: Train Your Staff

In order to offer a better customer experience, you should train your staff to approach their jobs differently. Sometimes this means that the employees will stop doing things the customers don’t like. You may even change the entire welcoming process for your guests when they come into the building. Train your staff using the feedback information you are given. The hotel’s approach to customers will change just because you listened to your guests.

#5: Modify the Management

When changing the guest experience your hotel offers, you can also do some modifications to the management style. You will find it quite interesting to alter the managers everyday chores. You may even change the job attributes you have given them in the first place Managers are vital in every business because all guests need someone to address to for every specific need.

#5: Update the Design of The Building

If the feedback information requires and you have the budget for it, you can opt for changing the hotel’s appearance. Each guest has his own idea of how the building should look like, but it doesn’t mean to go that far as trying to satisfy every request. The customer feedback may help you make meaningful changes to a room in regards to lighting and temperature, but not to the whole building, as that can get really expensive. Again, make sure to listen to your guests because they will not return if the hotel is not a pleasant place to spend free time.


Customer feedback will always help you get to know more about what the customer desires and how to meet his needs. It will also help you reach organizational change and improve your business. Try to take the customers words to heart as he leaves the hotel and in a certain amount of time you will find yourself dealing with less and less complaints and more satisfied customers.


This article was contributed by Elizabeth Goldberg. Elisabeth is a Digital Marketing Strategist and a part-time writer who loves to share feedback tips and insights with her readers. At the same time, she aims to attract potential customers by answering product and service questions, and maintaining customer records by updating their account information.

Valerie Carboni

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