Weekly Roundup: Travel, Tech and Social Media

It's already the first week of September and here at TrustYou, we are preparing for the fourth and final quarter of the year! A lot has happened over the past couple of days and since we know how difficult it can be to keep track of everything, we've put together, as usual, a roundup of all the notable stories from the wonderful world of travel and hospitality for you!

From some great tips for more direct bookings to startup culture values and social media news, here's our picks of the week. Happy reading!

Embracing Startup Culture Values to Succeed in Hospitality

TrustYou’s startup culture is uniquely “us,” but some of the guiding principles we’ve created for our company resonate with any veteran hotel staffer. Take a look at a few!

Google's Look, Evolved

We suppose this passes as newsworthy in the online community. Whether you love it or hate it, it will affect everything linkable to Google. Time to update your “+1” buttons to stay up to date!

The Simple Secret to More Direct Bookings

In order to continue to inch the rope back toward the hotel side—driving lower-cost, higher-profit direct bookings—hotels must always go back to the traveler. Assuming rates are equivalent, what travelers need in order to book directly is to be able to discover the hotel (presence) and to believe the level of service at the hotel will be greater than that of an OTA (trust). Presence and trust.

Data Reveals: 67% of Consumers Are Influenced by Online Reviews

Definitive proof that people are not clicking past page 1 of Google search results, despite what they may say.  See how much online reviews can affect your company’s ranking in Google’s organic search results, and how to get on page 1!

Customer Success: How B&B HOTELS Uses TrustYou to Gain More Reviews and Customer Feedback

Anna-Karin Daute, eCommerce Consultant for B&B HOTELS, shares the company’s success using TrustYou as part of its online reputation management program. Read more about their story in our blog post!

Travel and Hospitality Personalization Is Not a Destination, It's a Journey

Being personal is no easy task. There isn’t a single simple approach to cover all the use cases. The sheer velocity of change in the T&H context, data and guest sentiment creates an engagement challenge of immense and complex proportions. A multifaceted approach is needed to take advantage of the industry’s wealth of data and content.

Quarter of Web Users Abandon Travel Bookings If Local Currency Isn't Supported

A poll of 3,500 consumers worldwide found that almost 25% would end a transaction at checkout if their local currency isn’t supported for payments to a travel website.







Catalina Brinza

Catalina is a social media and data enthusiast. At TrustYou, she's on a mission to bring the most out of travel and hospitality data. One day, she hopes to experience Japan's culture to its fullest.

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