Monthly Service Spotlight: Premier Hotels International Delivers Superior Hotel Service With Natural Empathy & A Touch of Perfectionism

Premier Palace Hotel Hall

Last month, we launched TrustYou’s monthly Service Spotlight, a monthly blog that features GMs, area managers and other hospitality executives who uphold the highest hospitality standards. 

In our September Service Spotlight, we spoke with Tanya Podgoretska (pictured below), Director of Sales and Marketing at Premier Hotels International, a collection of eight luxury hotels throughout Ukraine. Among these properties is Premier Palace Hotel Kiev, which boasts an excellent TrustScore (88) and is known by guests for its superior hotel service (87/100) and friendly atmosphere. Learn Ms. Podgoretska’s philosophy on delivering excellent service and great hospitality below.

Tanya Podgoretska

1. What made you get into the hospitality industry?

When I was a child, we lived near a big Intourist Hotel. It was deep Soviet era and the hotel was maybe the only impressive building nearby. When passing by with my parents I was always so much excited and fantasized about a glamour dynamic cosmopolitan life (as a child can imagine it) that is going on behind the walls of that “palace”. Just like in a movie. Now I am more than 18 years in business and have to admit the reality tremendously exceeded my expectations.


2. What goes into delivering great service?

Natural empathy and a wish to help and support those around you. Plus a bit of perfectionism.


3. All members of your team must WHAT?

Be honest.


4. What is the best compliment you or your team has ever received?

It was such fun to work with you.


5. Your nightmare guest does WHAT? 

Blames staff for stealing something that was actually forgotten in the room safe.


6. How do you handle a dissatisfied guest?

Depending on the level of dissatisfaction:

1st stage – you are absolutely right, sir

2nd stage – loyalty card upgrade or a free something (transfer, minibar, champagne)

3rd – stage – giving the money back


7. Is the guest always right?

Yes, he/she is. However there are several levels of this rightness – a little bit right, quite right and absolutely right (see previous answer).


8. What's a deal breaker for you at a hotel that you are a guest of?

Rude or indifferent staff.


9. When you complain when you're a guest, what do you do?

Just complain.


10. There’s usually that one staff member who guests love. The one who gets mentioned by name in reviews and comments. Think of that staffer (you don’t have to name them) and tell us what they do to stand out so favorably amongst guests?

Look straight in guests’ eyes, smile naturally and really want to help.


11. What’s your take on responding to online reviews: all of them, just the bad ones, as many as you can get to or some other combo?

I like to respond to extremely bad ones and extremely good ones.


12. Will reviews continue to play an important role in industry 10 years from now?

Yes, just as thousand years ago!


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