Guests’ Favorite Hotels in Germany’s Largest Markets

Tourism in Germany is on the rise, with more than 390 million overnight visitors in 2011 alone. These travelers are talking about their experiences in record numbers – across review sites, on social networks, in travel blogs, etc. At TrustYou, we analyze all of these comments and opinions. In so doing, we find some hotels and accommodations rise to the top, leaving guests abuzz about a truly extraordinary experience. Our latest report gives all the details about guests' favorite spots in Germany’s largest markets: Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne and Frankfurt. For each city, we created two lists – one for luxury hotels and another for mid-scale/economy accommodations. Rankings are based on TrustScore, the world’s first, independent, consumer-trusted score representing all online opinions around the world.


Great location, top-notch service and delicious food drive hotels to the top of both the luxury and mid-scale lists, consistent with findings from our recent 2012 rants & raves list.

Berlin boasts the highest scores across both its top 10 luxury hotels and its top 10 mid-scale hotels and accommodations, thanks in large part to exceptionally high scores for good location.

The luxury hotel leaders are: the Hotel Regent in Berlin, the Park Hyatt in Hamburg, the Mandarin Oriental in Munich, the Excelsior Hotel Ernst in Cologne and the Rocco Forte Villa Kennedy in Frankfurt. The highest rating with a TrustScore of 95.29 (out of 100) is the Mandarin Oriental in Munich.

The mid-scale/economy winners are: The Circus Hotel in Berlin, the 25Hours Hotel Hamburg-HafenCity, the Hotel Kriemhild in Munich, the Hotel Domstern in Cologne and the Hotel Beethoven in Frankfurt. The Circus Hotel in Berlin also boasts the highest TrustScore of all hotels in the report (98.15).

Benefits of the report:

Regardless of whether your hotel made the list or not, TrustYou’s new report is meant to help hoteliers understand the market in these cities and beyond. It gives a snapshot of what hotel guests talk about most, what drives hotel scores, and what hotel guests complain about.

More details:

View the full report or skip to individual cities (Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt).

For more information on how the ranks and sentiments are calculated, check out our FAQ.

TrustYou plans to continue publishing these reports for cities, countries, and destinations around the globe. Check back with us for more reports coming soon, or let us know which markets you'd like to see in the future.

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