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Who we are

We are adventurers, we live to travel the world, we have hospitality in our blood, believe in the power of big data, we are tech geeks, but - most of all - we come together to truly improve the travelers’ experiences by transforming data into intelligence.

We are international!

Our team comes together from all corners of the world to join TrustYou! We have grown to be 130 employees from over 25 countries and we are working together all around the globe! We are adventurers and pioneers; looking to change the hospitality industry and help travelers to get the best possible experience!

We celebrate success!

We work hard, and celebrate harder! We value a comfortable environment and offer free snacks and drinks. We take well-earned breaks with Xbox battles and Kicker tournaments. Friday at 5 strikes Beer O'Clock, which is actually training for our legendary Oktoberfest event.

We are authentic!

We consider ourselves more than colleagues, we are friends! There is no need to disguise your true self, and with no established dress code, wear what makes you most comfortable. We sponsor language and self-improvement courses, attend cooking classes and movie premiers, and even have a dedicated mailing list for our metalheads.

How we work

We are innovative, tenacious, and passionate. We value open communication, low hierarchies, fast decision processes, and inspiring new ideas, with self-organization and a focus on quality results.

We step out of our comfort zone!

We are no longer a start up, but we maintain the spirit: Low hierarchies, fast processes, and flexibility have us stepping out of our comfort zone and taking over responsibility, driving our own projects and raising our voices if we have ideas for improvement.

We think outside the box!

We are committed to deliver quality results and we are driven by the desire to find new and creative solutions! We are working with cutting edge technology to constantly improve our product, we try to find the best way to introduce our product to potential customers and we are working hard to please our existing customers!

We are resilient!

We are mindful and self-reflecting, we don’t let setbacks demotivate us and we will try again if we don’t succeed at first. We are passionate, but we make sure to think before we act. We have enough free-time to relax or pursue our hobbies so we can give 100% while at work!

TrustYou Culture Book

What we build

Our products are used by hotels, meta-searches and online travel agencies all over the world! We enable hotels and destinations to provide travelers with better services, and we help intermediaries to help travelers planning their perfect trip with detailed review summaries.

We are visionaries!

Our products have a huge impact on the hospitality industry! We use the power of big data, machine learning, and natural language processing to access and transform millions of guest reviews on the internet to create a comprehensive overview for hoteliers and travelers. Major industry players like Google and Accor Hotels trust and display our accomplishments!

We strive for excellence!

We work together to continuously improving our products, integrating client feedback into our ideas, and, looking for new markets and solutions. We are creative, analytic, precise, and always give our best. TrustYou is the world’s largest guest feedback platform, and we are the people behind it.

TrustYou Culture Book

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Perks & benefits

  • Pension Scheme

    Your future is important to us and because of that we offer help with tax benefits and saving on social insurance contributions.

  • Flexible Hours

    Everyone has their own rhythm, so we make sure you are in charge of your own schedule in order to get things done.

  • Beer O’clock

    If it is Friday at 5:00 pm, then it’s time to call it a day and to kick off your weekend by cracking open a bottle of cold beer.

  • German Classes

    Since we are located in Germany, we offer free weekly German language classes to help you better integrate.

  • Team Events

    From Oktoberfest to a BBQ on the Isar river, there is never a dull moment with our sponsored team events.

  • Sport Groups

    Whether you are a runner, hiker, or cyclist, you will find someone on our team who shares the same interests as you.

  • Adventure Days

    Travel is our passion. each year you will receive one extra day to use in any adventurous way you would like.

  • Learning & Development

    Knowledge is power, attend a 'Lunch and Learn' or use 5% of your working time for professional or personal growth.

* Perks and benefits may differ depending on job location.

Inside TrustYou

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