Feedback (n) | ˈfēd-ˌbak | : the complete definition

Customer-centric business strategies rule in today’s online economy. The underlying reason for this is because companies rely on a customer’s electronic word-of-mouth. Establishing a “relationship” means interacting with your end consumer, even if that conversation is through invisible, digital means. Whether question, comment, concern, or complaint, feedback paves the way to success. The term Feedback appears a bit vague at first glance. What is it? What does it mean? What does it encompass? The Oxford dictionary states that feedback is defined as Information about reactions to a product, a person's performance of a task, etc. which is used as a basis for improvement. Broken down further, the meaning is two-fold: first, that information is provided, and second, that it is taken into consideration to make a positive change. These two characteristics emphasize the inherent power that describes this term. However, this does not explicitly define what “information” is. Feedback is actually an umbrella term when looked at it closely. For the hospitality industry, namely hotels (although restaurants, destinations, and tour providers also share similarities), online feedback covers the information that comes from all of the reviews written on various online portals, the results gained from pre- onsite- and post-stay surveys, as well as all of the communications that happen through email, mobile messaging, and social media. This information often comes through various online channels in the following forms:
  • 公开评论 - 这是旅客在各网络站点上分享的入住后信息,公众可以在这些网站上发布评论,无论他们是否为确认客户。
  • 确认评论 - 这也是在网站上发布的入住后信息,这些网站能够筛选和确认来自预订客户的评论。
  • 调查评论 - 这是来自已发表评论的信息,应要求分享供应商满意度调查的结果后直接提交。
  • 调查回应 - 这是更具针对性的信息,专门用于通过宾客满意度调查获得旅客的宝贵洞见。
  • 对外联信息的回应 - 作为一种特殊的信息形式,酒店公司使用入住前措施来了解更多关于宾客的信息,以改善宾客的入住前体验。
  • 消息传递对话 - 通过消息传递服务开展对话,客户会透露有关其偏好和满意度的信息,当保存到客户关系管理 (CRM) 工具时,这些信息即可应用于未来的访问。
  • 语音请求 - 这些非常具体的信息可以像消息传递对话一样进行收集和分析,从而改进个性化服务。
在线声望管理 (ORM) 最近才成为反馈难题的一部分。随着宾客满意度调查、消息传递和语音等新渠道越来越成为主流,使用反馈这一术语最适合总括性描述所有这些信息来源。反馈一词在全球市场中无需指定词语翻译即可清晰明了,因此用它来描述在线反馈不断增长的领域以及未来将开放的所有新信息领域再合适不过了。

Nicholas Scott Johnson

Nicholas is an expat, transplanted from Los Angeles to Munich. Building on degrees in marketing and international tourism, he applies a unique perspective throughout his storytelling. Nicholas has an obsession for visuals and design, contributing to the face of TrustYou.

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