TrustYou Releases New Comprehensive eBook Showcasing How Direct Messaging Elevates the Hotel Experience

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Munich, 6 February 2019  - Today, TrustYou announced the release of its latest eBook, The Complete Guest Engagement Guide - How Messaging Elevates The Hotel Experience. The free guide is focused on direct messaging and how this new technology impacts hotel-to-guest communication, as well as the satisfaction rates, the quality of guest feedback, and ultimately, increased hotel revenue.

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The Complete Guest Engagement Guide directly addresses hoteliers who want to quickly adapt to the shifts in communication and provide travelers with the best possible means of exchanging valuable information, as well as feedback, during the entire guest journey. Direct messaging has proven its popularity in the last few years, given its sense of immediacy and effectiveness in solving requests and issues. TrustYou believes that direct messaging is taking the quality of customer support to a higher level and enables hoteliers to truly listen to their guests’ voices and input. TrustYou has therefore developed its own guest messaging solution, in an effort to aid hoteliers build close and personalized relationship with their guests.

The newly-released eBook tackles on the following topics, which provide an in-depth view on the concept of direct messaging:

  • What it is, how and why it started, and what about it appeals to the modern consumer;
  • Why hotels should make use off this new communication trend and the tools that derive from it.;
  • What are the exact benefits that direct messaging brings to a hotel business.

In order to better exemplify the features and benefits of this communication tool, the eBook also serves as an overview of TrustYou’s guest messaging solution, which is reinforced by use cases and the best ways of leveraging it for better satisfaction rates and more direct bookings.

“The way in which businesses communicate with their customers has changed immensely in the last few years and working within such a personal industry as hospitality, we are always paying attention to the best and most efficient ways of improving the guest experience“ said Valerie Castillo, TrustYou’s Vice President of Marketing. “Having developed our own direct messaging solution, we constantly receive so many valuable insights into what a great impact this communication mean has on the overall satisfaction rates of a hotel business, and so we wanted to create a resource that would be of help to modern hoteliers and guide them towards achieving the best results - more direct bookings, guest loyalty - through the simple act of listening to what their guests have to say.”

The Complete Guest Engagement Guide - How Messaging Elevates The Hotel Experience is now available for free download here.

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TrustYou, the world’s largest guest feedback platform, empowers hotels with solutions to drive more bookings and improve their hotel product. Through each phase of the guest journey, hotels can utilize guest feedback to enhance review marketing and achieve operational excellence. Guest feedback influences 95% of booking decisions. TrustYou Meta-Review, which incorporates hundreds of millions of hotel reviews, surveys, and social posts for over 500,000 hotels worldwide,  powers guest reviews on dozens of travel sites, including Google, Kayak, and* These reviews also generate actionable insights for hotels to improve their presence along each step of the guest journey, from booking and pre-stay search queries, to real-time guest requests and messages, to post-stay feedback in the form of survey responses and reviews. Through the TrustYou partner program, PMS, CRM, IBE and other hotel software providers can integrate TrustYou’s guest feedback platform into their products to help their hotel clients positively influence bookings and revenue.

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