TrustYou announces partnership with DER Touristik: DER hotel brands use the global feedback platform

by April 25, 2016 8:39 am Comunicati Stampa

Munich, 25 April 2016 - DER Touristik, one of Europe’s leading tourism groups, partners with TrustYou – the world’s largest feedback platform – to analyze, benchmark, and influence the online reputation of their own hotel brands across the entire web. TrustYou collects and evaluates feedback for 500,000 hotels worldwide and displays well-structured data by means of a sophisticated tool.

Family-friendly “Club Calimera” and the exclusive “lti Hotels” use TrustYou Analytics to manage and react to feedback in order to constantly improve. The comprehensive evaluation of review data also enables the analysis of different areas, such as service, comfort, rooms, and amenities, to show which positive and negative attributes influence the overall reputation most. Thereby, hoteliers can adopt appropriate measures for improvement and optimization. Furthermore, targeted evaluation of competitors leads to conclusions regarding the positioning of hotels and necessary investments. The resulting improved reputation of the DER Touristik hotels becomes part of TrustYou’s feedback platform and has an impact on millions of booking decisions worldwide. TrustYou’s overall score of verified reviews, the so-called TrustScore, and the well-structured summaries of hotel feedback – Meta-Reviews – are incorporated into hundreds of sites such as the Google Search and Maps, Kayak and Thereby, they are visible for millions of uses across the entire web.

Club Calimera values transparency regarding its reputation through a visual integration of TrustScore widgets, derived from the Meta-Review, which are a trusted third-party seal of approval. This review information about the hotel offers travelers additional value, particularly transparency and a neutral rating. 

Club Calimera_TrustYou

Helmut Henke, Project and Brand Manager at DER Touristik Hotels, explains: “TrustYou’s product portfolio and first-class service immediately convinced us. We can consistently compare KPI’s for all the hotel brands of DER Touristik and assess them in a simple and time-saving manner within the Analytics dashboard as well as various reportings. Hence, we have already drawn valuable conclusions in order to  improve our offer. Additionally, TrustYou’s cooperation with Google and providing review data on Google Search and Maps was a crucial point for our partnership decision.”


Michael Menzel, VP Strategic Partnership at TrustYou, add: “We are excited about our partnership with DER Touristik and being able to support the hotels to further improve and influence their online reputation worldwide. We are convinced that our program fulfills the requested requirements, since they can monitor, compare, and analyze individual hotels as well as the entire portfolio. Each improvement of a hotel immediately reinforces the DER hotel product portfolio, has a positive impact on the TrustYou Platform, and influences millions of travel decisions.”


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