Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I submit my application?

Please submit your application to our email address listed under each job opening: In case you have any additional questions, you can reach us under the same address. In case you want to directly apply on LinkedIn, please submit your application via our online application form.

What should my application include?

Please send us your current CV and all relevant reference letters. State your motivation to join TrustYou and your qualification for the advertised role.

Do you have any tips regarding my CV?

Please make sure your CV does not exceed two pages if not necessary. We are screening many CVs per day and we need to find the relevant information as soon as possible. Make sure your CV looks clearly arranged and all the relevant data is included (f.e. Locations, dates, bullet points of tasks). Make sure to have someone proof read the CV if English is not your native language.

How long will I have to wait until I receive feedback regarding my application?

We try to process every application as soon as possible. In case you don’t receive a timely answer, feel free to leave us a message at and ask for an update!

What will the recruiting process look like?

First, you will have a call with MeeRee, Fanny or Franziska from the People Operations team, preferably via Skype, to see if expectations match. A next step, if possible, would be a personal meeting in the office with your future manager. To make sure you get a good chance to meet the team and experience daily business at TrustYou, we will invite you in for a probation day. Last but not least you will have the possibility to meet one of our founders, Jakob or Ben. In all personal interviews you will need to solve practical tasks (e.g. a coding task for engineers or case studies for other departments).

I got invited for an interview - what do I have to prepare?

We want to know why you think TrustYou is the perfect fit for you! So please make sure that you have informed yourself about TrustYou and our products and that you can state why you want to join us and why you think you would be the perfect candidate for the position.

I got invited to a personal interview at the office - what is the dress code?

At TrustYou, we encourage individuality and we have no dress code established. We do not expect our applicants to wear a suit and tie, jeans and shirt are just as fine.

Is the ability to speak German a must?

Absolutely not. We are a very international team and our company language is English, very good command of English is required of our applicants though!

I got offered the job! Is there an onboarding process in place?

Yes of course. We will prepare a plan for your first 1 - 2 weeks to make sure you will get all the trainings and information you need. We will also not forget to take you out for a drink with the team!

I will be relocating from outside of Germany, will you provide me with assistance?

We offer you accommodation for the first two months, to give you time to look for an apartment. Of course we will also assist you with the Visa process, providing you all needed documents and information.