How Review Content Can Increase Conversion on Your Booking Platform

It has become increasingly difficult to attract website visits that ultimately convert into bookings. Here’s how verified review summaries can help increase conversions on your booking platform.  

Making Sense of the Digital Noise

Complex – there is no better word to describe today’s booking process. Year after year, travelers’ expectations are evolving, and so is their purchase journey.

The digital era has brought another layer of complexity when planning a trip, making it more difficult for travelers due to information overload. Too much and often inconsistent or contradictory information makes the entire process frustrating and overwhelming. 

The modern traveler’s priority evolves around immediacy: quick answers and results. A slow or complicated experience across your website may lead to higher abandonment rates. The first interaction is crucial to keep them on your booking platform.  

Making Sense Of The Digital Noise
The first 1 to 3 seconds are critical for the user experience. 
Bouncing can increase by 32% if you don’t capture your visitors’ attention in this timeframe.

More Time Spent Planning Before Booking

Recent data shows that the time spent planning a trip has increased in countries where most travel restrictions have been lifted.  Compared to 2019, US travelers spend 29% more time on travel websites before booking. Other countries surveyed also showed travelers dedicating more time to the travel planning process. Getting the most for the least is a priority for travelers in 2023. 

The need to research more before deciding is also one of the main reasons visitors leave a website before booking.  

81% of visitors leave before completing their booking. 

The main reason why people abandon: just looking or wanting to do more research (39%).

Browsing on Mobile, Purchasing on Desktop

Mobile has become more and more popular for planning a trip. However, if more travelers spend time researching via mobile, the number of purchases is still higher on desktop.

55% of all online traffic for travel websites is mobile.

The total number of online sales coming from mobile is 44%.

Browsing On Mobile Purchasing On Desktop

Booking platforms can customize the information they offer depending on the buying stage, so mobile content should primarily serve top-of-funnel purposes. Focus on making the information more engaging, concise, and relevant for your users. 

How Review Content Can Increase Conversion on Your Booking Platform

Enhance the booking experience by using TrustYou’s Review Data, which is visible to millions of travelers worldwide. Here’s how you can benefit from our freshly redesigned widgets to guide travelers toward their perfect stay. 

Provide a Summary of A Hotel’s Reviews to Encourage the Booking Decision  

Reviews are essential in the booking process. Ensure your visitors have all the necessary information to boost user satisfaction and increase conversions.

Provide A Summary Of A Hotels Reviews To Encourage The Booking Decision
Our research shows that 95% of travelers read reviews before purchasing.

Summarized review content is a great way to focus on highlights and direct travelers to exactly what they are looking for. Here’s where TrustYou’s Review Data can make a huge difference. Display the best-in-class review summaries based on the opinions of millions of global hotel guests to facilitate the decision-making process of your next visitors. 

Unlock essential and unique converting features that will help you gain a competitive advantage and drive more bookings. Highlight the best hotels, divide them by categories, and combine review content with badges to ease searching and booking. Badges are used to signal specific accommodations that excel in certain categories, help them stand out, and increase their chances of getting booked.

Why TrustYou’s Meta-Review Content? 

  • Conversion

TrustScore, Badges, and Summary Sentences allow you to capture user intent like never before and drive conversions.

  • Usability 

Combine plug & play data points with your existing content to provide a personalized display and easily guide your users through the booking journey.

  • Accuracy 

Every week, TrustYou crawls millions of verified reviews from dozens of sources for more than 1.2 million properties worldwide. Data is pulled from major verified sources, and false & fraudulent content is eliminated.

  • Personalization

A feature other review providers lack, our unique and high level of customization allows you to personalize review data for specific personas and target groups. Modify each widget for the best user experience on your website. Generate personalized filters to drive bookings. 

  • Integration

Our unparalleled matching service is included. We support 35 languages, delivered in HTML or JSON.

5 Ways Review Content Will Help Visitors Stay on Your Website 

Give your visitors precisely what they need with the help of our review content widgets. Our widgets offer a comprehensive and objective summary of reviews. Here are five ways our widgets help travelers quickly find the information they need and increase conversion on your booking platform:

  1. Provide an aggregated and objective overview with TrustScore and TrustScore Distribution

TrustScore provides a general overview of a hotel based on all online feedback across the web. 

TrustScore Distribution allows travelers to see how many 1 to 5-star reviews the TrustScore includes.

Provide An Aggregated And Objective Overview With Trustscore And Trustscore Distribution
Provide an aggregated and objective overview with TrustScore and TrustScore Distribution
  1. Showcase distinct categories with Badges

Badges provide an overview of a hotel’s performance and highlight the areas in which a hotel excels. They are the most effective data points in driving user engagement and conversions. Starting from the pre-booking phase, you can include Badges for remarketing campaigns with targeted content to get visitors back to your website. 

Here’s how badges are awarded: 

  • Based on ranking for the top 20% of hotels.  
  • Based on hotel type for the top 50% of hotels.  
  • Based on category for the top five hotels per city and category.
Showcase Distinct Categories With Badges
Badges help travelers choose the property that best fits their needs.
  1. Offer a summary of what travelers need to know before booking using TrustYou’s Meta-Review

TrustYou’s Meta-Review provides tools to guide users to their perfect property and book right on your website. It combines other widgets and features that allow visitors to get condensed yet in-depth information about the accommodation they are looking for. 

Offer A Summary Of What Travelers Need To Know Before Booking Using Trustyous Meta Review
The Meta-Review includes five essential features to increase your booking platform conversions: 1. TrustScore 2. Badges 3. Language / Traveler Type 4. Good to know 5. Category highlights
  1. Feature health, safety, and cleanliness details with Relevant Now

Although many countries have lifted COVID-19 travel restrictions, cleanliness is still crucial for travelers searching for accommodation.

Towfiqu Barbhuiya Ho P7qlbewk Unsplash 1

Cleanliness – By Far the Most Relevant Information for Travelers 

87% of travelers consider cleanliness the most important topic when reading reviews. 

Our newly developed Relevant Now content explores impactful data on Cleanliness and COVID-19 safety at each property.

Uncover recent trends based on guest feedback from the last six months, and give travelers confidence in their choices.

Feature Health Safety And Cleanliness Details With Relevant Now 1
The Relevant Now widget gives travelers a look into the current cleanliness, health, & safety measures implemented by a specific property.
  1. Capture your visitors’ attention with a refreshed design. 

Besides offering comprehensive and objective information to encourage booking, our widgets also capture your visitors’ attention through our recent design refresh. Starting January 2023, our Review Content widgets are getting a new look and feel to make the information more visible and accessible even for the most sophisticated traveler and to reflect TrustYou’s image refresh from 2022. 

Capture Your Visitors Attention With A Refreshed Design.
Capture your visitors’ attention with a refreshed design.

While the available data has not changed, clients can now enjoy improvements in the following ways: 

  • Modern look and feel
  • Sleek design refined to fit into websites optimally
  • Keyboard navigable for better accessibility
  • Improved SEO performance
  • Optimized to be easily combined (multiple widgets next to each other)
  • Designed to highlight data insights for the traveler
  • Color customization to adjust to website branding

Users will receive the enhancements automatically and see improved widgets: TrustScore, TrustScore Distribution, Meta-Review, Badges, and Relevant Now.

Our Review Content widgets can help you optimize the entire booking experience. From pre-booking to post-booking, personalize the journey of your users with information that will help them choose a stay that best fits their needs and expectations. Make the most out of review content to help travelers in their decision-making process, and your conversion rate will increase.