TrustYou Adventurers in Cluj-Napoca: What Makes the European Youth Capital of 2015 Special

While being a truly global company with offices across 3 continents, TrustYou sites are shaped by local cultures, making every work environment particularly unique to our Adventurers. A couple of weeks ago we published a blog post on what our Munich Office Team loves especially about their city.  

This month, it’s our TrustYou Adventurers in Cluj-Napoca who give insights into what they enjoy most about living in Romania’s largest student city. Almost 25% of the overall population is currently enrolled in a degree: “That’s why most businesses are oriented towards young people, we have a lot of bars, clubs, escape rooms, and adventure parks”, says Bogdan, Software Engineer.

Adela, VP Cluj Operations, has been managing the location right from the start. She appreciates the vibrant economic and cultural life. Thanks to the blooming IT sector Cluj is often referred to as the Silicon Valley of Europe,” with more than 1,200 IT companies in the city.

Being TrustYou’s second largest office with around 40 team members, the Cluj office has been part of the company since 2012. Its location is right “in the heart of Transylvania, a region with beautiful culture and landscapes,” says Eugen, Global Team Lead Operations states.

The cultural aspects have also been taken up by National Geographic Travel, sharing a video on the Turda Salt Mine Amusement Park.  Since its opening in 1992 it has attracted more than 2  million visitors from around the world. Aside from rowing in a boat on the underground lake, you can play ping-pong or try to hit a strike in the bowling alley. All of this while learning about the history and meaning of salt to the area, turning this site into one of the major sightseeing spots in Romania!

So, let’s check in with the rest of the team to see what locals say about their favorite places and things to do in Cluj-Napoca!

Cristiana, Maria, and Alina from the Data Entry Team enjoy that there is always something fun going on, like “exhibitions, theater plays, or great parks” and the “combination of old and new make these experiences so unique.” Anca, member of the Finance Team, adds to this that the “three major festivals: Transylvania International Film Festival, Electric Castle, and Untold are go-to events!

Ioana from the Client Success Team appreciates the city’s dynamics which makes it “a great place to live.” According to Madalina, Client Onboarding Manager, people are always smiling, “even during rainy days.” Also for Miruna and Laura, both part of the Marketing Team, it’s the great people who have a “certain sense of humor that is really helpful, especially in less than ideal situations. No matter how bad things can go sometimes, there is always someone that makes a joke about it.”

Magda and Liviu, both part of the Engineering Team, agree on Cluj’s unique energy and that it’s full of life, also for families. Cristian, Senior Software Engineer, shares a nice family activity: “My 2-year-old son’s favorite activity is being in the central park, especially taking hydrocycles on the lake while throwing treats to the ducks and swans swimming around us.” Since “taxis are cheap,” as Senior Developer Vlad mentions, you can go around most places very easily and conveniently.

Python Developer Alexandru’s words provide a great conclusion to what Cluj team members think about their place of work and life: “I love my city because it is full of potential, it is beautiful and promising, and very diverse.”

Curious to have a closer look at Cluj-Napoca? Go check out this video,  and follow our TrustYou Adventurers across all offices on Instagram.