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Even in the most challenging times, TrustYou recently passed the 1M mark in our database of hotels and accommodations. The best hospitality businesses always find a way to win, and with the right technology and insights it is still possible to create an exceptional guest experience and succeed. With one, fully integrated Guest Experience toolset, including contactless communications, on-the-spot surveys and in-depth semantics and competitor analysis, TrustYou is now helping the hospitality industry in successfully navigating this turbulent time.  

One of the best ways to get back on track is to strongly focus on guest communication, because a well-engaged guest is a happy guest. It is crucial for hoteliers to listen and understand the changing needs of travellers, in order to build strong relationships long into the future. Accessible, timely and actionable communication provides the best possible opportunity to enable the kind of guest experience that results in a positive impact on feedback, safety and satisfaction. 

Find how the right tools and partners can help you drive more direct hotel bookings and profit.

First, hotels and destinations should effectively position their online reviews to match with guests’ travel needs and help them make better booking decisions. Then, they can implement messaging and survey tools to help build the guest relationship via SMS, Wechat, Whatsapp, etc., ensuring the best possible guest experience, before, after and during their stay. At the same time, consistent online surveys and an open culture of feedback ensures an ongoing conversation. A scalable operations solution works as the fundamental operating system underneath it all, collecting all communications in one inbox and ensuring hotels can swiftly take action and achieve the ultimate guest experience for everyone who walks through your lobby. 

See how a global hotel chain has been using TrustYou tools to build relationships throughout the pandemic.

Finally, hotels can benefit from an in-depth semantic and competitor analysis. TrustYou is still the industry leader in crawling 92% of the global hotel database, and continues to analyse the biggest guest review database in the world to provide destinations and properties with the data they need to make the right decisions. Within a fast-changing market, knowing the individual needs of guests and having the right tools and partners is what will ultimately determine the winning parties into the future. 

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Lize De Kock

Lize started her career in creative advertising, lifestyle journalism and content marketing where she developed a passion for driving business results through innovation and big ideas. She now leads our content and brand team and believes that travel is the greatest inspiration.

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