4 Ways Your Guest Reviews Will Bring More Bookings

We’ve selected the most recent data on how people read feedback – and put together some key actions that can help you leverage guest reviews to get more bookings. 

It’s About the Bigger Picture

Travelers are not reading reviews just to avoid unpleasant experiences. Reviews aren’t generally read to identify scams or avoid shady places with cold food and thin walls. Online feedback helps travelers to close the gap between what they want and what they’ll get. Is the location convenient? Does the hotel offer pet-friendly options? Does it have a pool? From reviews, they are picking keywords like pieces of a puzzle to build a clearer, bigger picture of where they’ll stay and if it fits their needs and wants. That’s why travelers are more inclined to look at positive feedback than negative reviews. In this way, they confirm that their decision is the right one. 

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Travelers scan more positive than negative feedback.

Of all reviews they read, 57% are positive, and 43% are negative. 

Here’s where the good part comes in – by knowing what they are searching for when reading reviews, you can provide the information they need and facilitate their booking decision. We’ve selected the most recent data on how people read reviews – and put together some key actions that can help you leverage feedback to get more bookings. 

The Top 2 Priorities for Your Online Reputation: Your Website and Google

The first stop for travelers that want to have a look at your reviews is your website. It’s essential to make an excellent first impression from that first search. Provide relevant and up-to-date information in a user-friendly format that reflects your values as a brand.

51.4 % of travelers prefer to scan feedback directly from the source – the hotel’s website.

The second preferred platform for consulting feedback is Google – used always or often by 47.5% of respondents.

Google is among the most popular sources for reading reviews. One way to keep your Google profile updated is to make your survey reviews visible on the platform. Our push to Google feature helps you display your survey reviews on Google next to major travel sites and set a direct link back to your website to promote your success. 

102k Surveys Were Pushed Via Google Through Our Platform Between January And September 2022.

102k surveys were pushed via Google through our platform between January and September 2022. 

Feature 10+ Positive and Negative Reviews on Your Website

Mr. Hidetaka Yonemoto is the director of one of Japan’s biggest sleep capsule hotel chains. Looking at ways to attract more guests, he and his team figured out the sweet spot: displaying positive and negative reviews on their website. Luring in travelers with honey doesn’t work anymore. They want to see it all.

Mr. Hidetaka Yonemoto, Director Of International Hotel Development, Nine Hours, Inc.

“If we don’t show both positive and negative reviews, travelers will be more likely to book via OTAs.

We use TrustYou because we want to boost the number of direct bookings.

Not only the headquarters but also branch hotels are effectively using the system and replying to reviews via TrustYou.”

Hidetaka Yonemoto, Director of International Hotel Development, nine hours, Inc

Read more about Mr. Hideltaka’s Yonemoto fascinating journey in sleep science and how they use TrustYou here.  

Why feature more than 10 reviews? It’s not because of the symbolic meaning of this number. Travelers are reading an average of 9 reviews before making a booking decision. Give them honest and diverse reviews that satisfy their curiosity and help them form their impression. By showing the good and the bad, you are more likely to build trust and a realistic image of your hotel.  

Get More Insightful Feedback Using Post-Stay Survey

Travelers who read online reviews want to be sure they are accessing reliable and authentic information from other review writers. Reading too many text-free, 5-star ratings for a hotel can make some people feel skeptical.

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62.4% of travelers believe that reviews, including positive and negative feedback, 
are the most trustworthy. Further confidence-inspiring features of a review are images, star rating in combination with text, and personal context given by the author.

Use Post-Stay Surveys to capture as much information as possible by asking relevant questions. More data will help you refine the guest experience and other travelers will be more inclined to book their next stay with you. 

Track Relevant Categories and Improve 

What exactly are travelers looking for when reading reviews? Here is the most crucial topic for travelers – based on our recent consumer survey. 

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Cleanliness – By Far the Most Relevant Information for Travelers 

87% of travelers consider cleanliness the most important topic when reading reviews. 

Other important topics for travelers are: 

  • Room Amenities and Comfort Level (83%)
  • Hotel Location (82%)
  • Price (82%) 
  • Customer Service (80%) 

Knowing what travelers are searching for when scanning feedback can help you focus on improving those particular areas.

This can be done easily on our platform. For example, Impact Scores are one of the valuable metrics we’re extracting by analyzing your reviews. They highlight which complaints or compliments have the greatest impact on your hotel’s performance.

Know The Top Areas Where You Perform Best And The Categories That Need Improvement With The Help Of Trustyous Impact Scores.
Know the top areas where you perform best and the categories that need improvement with the help of TrustYou’s Impact Scores.

In this screenshot, under Negative Impact, you’ll see the 3 main categories that need to be improved: Bathroom, Room Maintenance, and Furniture. The Positive Impact section will feature areas where your guests already think you’re doing a great job. By consulting these metrics, you know exactly what needs to be improved and where your efforts need to go. 

Guest reviews are an essential part of the booking process for travelers. Don’t ignore the feedback you receive. Make the most out of it, and more bookings will come.