Servigroup Hoteles' partnership with TrustYou since 2021 led to a monumental leap in guest satisfaction scores.

With TrustYou’s cutting-edge Analytics and Survey offerings, these tools revolutionized Servigroup Hoteles’ approach to guest feedback, enabling astute and data-driven decision-making, resulting in enhanced guest experiences and improved operational efficiencies across the board.

The success story of Servigroup Hoteles’ partnership with TrustYou serves as a testament to their commitment to continuous improvement and industry leadership. By embracing innovative feedback management strategies, the hospitality group has not only elevated their operational performance but has also reinforced their reputation as a customer-centric organization dedicated to delivering exceptional guest experiences.

In the competitive realm of the hospitality industry, Servigroup Hoteles, a distinguished hospitality group in Spain with 18 premier properties, has experienced a significant leap in guest satisfaction scores and review metrics since partnering with TrustYou in 2021. This strategic alliance has not only fueled customer-centric improvements but has also laid a solid foundation for operational excellence.

With a mission to prioritize customer satisfaction, Servigroup Hoteles aims to lead the hospitality sector through innovative feedback management and service enhancement strategies. To achieve this, the hospitality group recognized the need for an integrated solution capable of comprehensively and accurately gathering, analyzing, and responding to guest feedback.


Servigroup Hoteles’ partnership with TrustYou since 2021 led to a monumental leap in guest satisfaction scores and review metrics, driving customer-centric enhancements and laying a foundation for operational excellence. The implementation of TrustYou’s analytics and survey offerings catalyzed a portfolio-wide 90% jump in the number of guest reviews and a 20% year-over-year increase in the response rate.


Servigroup Hoteles, an eminent hospitality group in Spain, boasts 18 top-tier properties. With customer satisfaction at the core of its mission, Servigroup Hoteles aspires to lead in the hospitality domain through innovative feedback management and service improvement strategies.


Amidst the fiercely competitive hospitality industry, Servigroup Hoteles sought to uplift its performance scores and swiftly address negative feedback. The pressing need was for an integrated solution to gather, analyze, and respond to guest feedback comprehensively and accurately.


Adopting TrustYou’s cutting-edge Analytics and Survey offerings, Servigroup Hoteles revolutionized its approach to guest feedback. This robust hotel reputation software paved the way for astute data-driven decisions, enhancing guest experiences and operational efficiencies across the board.


Elevated Performance Metrics:

The deployment of a strategic guest survey system bolstered the survey response rate from 8% to an awe-inspiring 19%. This prodigious improvement offered Mandarin Oriental a broader, more intricate view of guest needs, preferences, and areas for enhancement

Strengthened Customer Loyalty:

  • Vast Increment in Guest Reviews: The number of guest reviews soared, marking over a 90% increase, testament to improved guest engagement and satisfaction.
  • Surge in Response Rate: Exhibiting a near 20% uplift in response rate year-over-year portfolio-wide underscored the brand’s dedication to personalized guest interactions.

Strengthened Reputation and Visibility:

TrustYou’s platform facilitated a remarkable growth in Servigroup’s Performance Score, propelling it from the 80th to the 90th percentile amongst its peers. The engagement with guest feedback not only enhanced the brand’s reputation but also significantly contributed to its online visibility across OTAs like TripAdvisor,, and Google.



Increase in guest reviews


Boost in response rate year over year


Performance Score jumped from the 80th to the 90th percentile

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