FedeGroup is renowned for its comprehensive Food & Beverage

FedeGroup, a leading provider of Food & Beverage services in the European hospitality sector, sought to enhance its customer satisfaction to maintain its competitive edge in the market. Facing the challenge of consistently meeting and exceeding customer expectations, FedeGroup turned to TrustYou for a versatile solution that would enable real-time feedback monitoring and service improvements.

By integrating TrustYou’s platform into their operations, FedeGroup not only improved its ability to evaluate performance metrics but also gained invaluable insights into customer satisfaction.

This strategic implementation of TrustYou’s feedback and reputation management tools allowed FedeGroup to align their services with customer expectations, enhancing their market positioning and overall customer perception.

Through this customer-centric approach, FedeGroup not only strengthened its commitment to service excellence but also fostered enduring relationships with its clientele, solidifying its standing in the competitive hospitality industry. The FedeGroup success story exemplifies the transformative power of dynamic feedback systems in driving customer satisfaction and continuous improvement in the hospitality sector.


FedeGroup harnessed TrustYou’s analytical prowess and customer feedback mechanisms to elevate their internal and external customer satisfaction analysis, leading to strategic improvements that resonated both with staff and clients. The integration of TrustYou’s platform has been instrumental in reinforcing FedeGroup’s commitment to superior service quality and robust market positioning.


FedeGroup is renowned for its comprehensive Food & Beverage (F&B) services for the hospitality industry across Europe. With more than 60% of their revenue coming from its hotel F&B services business, its strength comes from extensive experience and versatility acquired in different service sectors


The primary challenge FedeGroup faced was meeting and exceeding customer expectations consistently across facilities. They required a versatile tool for real-time feedback and service monitoring to maintain high standards and solidify customer loyalty.


By adopting TrustYou, a key resource within their operational toolkit, FedeGroup significantly enhanced its ability to perform daily performance evaluations, focusing especially on F&B services. TrustYou’s tool provided a seamless approach to manage issues and actively gather impactful service assessments.


Improved Satisfaction Analysis:

FedeGroup became proficient in conducting intricate analyses on customer satisfaction and reputation, facilitated by TrustYou’s insightful feedback analytics.

Amplified Customer Perception:

A strategic approach to reputation management allowed FedeGroup to align their efforts to their customer’s exact expectations, adding a personalized touch to their services.

Maintain Standards of Excellence:

FedeGroup now benefits from the ability to analyze the details of their service offering that make a difference to their customers. It is of crucial importance for them not to disappoint the customer’s expectations: “We want them to perceive the extra effort we put in everything, so that they want to return. Therefore, managing any issues that may arise and actively gather feedback on the service we provide is a number one priority for us.”– Mirko Sanna, Sales Director at FedeGroup.

FedeGroup’s strategic implementation of TrustYou’s feedback and reputation management tools propelled them beyond just traditional customer service; it enabled a culture of continuous improvement and customer centricity. This has indisputably affirmed FedeGroup’s dedication to its customer base and its standing in the competitive hospitality industry and amplifying their visibility. In sum, FedeGroup’s case encapsulates the essential role of dynamic feedback systems in realizing customer satisfaction and fostering enduring relationships in the hospitality sector.



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