TrustYou Unveils Review Performance Analysis of Top UK Cities, With London Ranking Last For Many Traveler Types

by December 11, 2019 2:33 pm In The News, Press Releases

++ The analysis determined scores of the hotels in the 10 most populated cities in the UK++ TrustYou revealed the general review sentiments of travelers for these cities in the year 2019 ++

Munich, 11 December 2019  - TrustYou released today its latest review performance analysis for the UK market. The research focuses on the top 10 largest UK cities and reveals the hotel scores and various traveler types, including how family, business, couples, or solo travelers rate the cities based on data from the past 24 months. Additionally, the company analyzed the general review sentiments expressed by travelers in the year 2019 for UK’s biggest cities; among them were London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool, and Bristol. Surprisingly, London scored poorly for being fit for different traveler types with business, family, and solo travelers rating it as the least appealing city. Instead, Liverpool, Sheffield, and Edinburgh were among the most well-perceived by the different traveler categories. 

Additionally, TrustYou has analyzed the most poignant review categories that impact the overall reputation of UK hotels based on the ten most populated cities. Scores from 1 to 100% have been assigned to categories such as value for money, service, food, cleanliness, and many more, in order to determine how these different categories are perceived by guests. Once more, London received the lowest score in the “value for money” category, at 88.98%, while cities like Liverpool and Glasgow scored over 90%. 

“In order for any hotels to succeed, they must know where they stand within their market and region,” said Franziska Terzer, TrustYou’s VP of Sales and Operations. “We want to support hotels from around the globe with insightful analysis of review scores, as well as to help them acknowledge how travelers see their businesses. We truly believe that one of the most effective ways of staying ahead of the competition is to listen to guest feedback and adjust according to what guests like and what they would want to see improved.”

The data stored in the extensive TrustYou database enables the company to analyze the overall performance of hotels from across the globe, based on guest feedback gathered from more than 200 online sources. Previously this year, TrustYou has also released a thorough analysis of the impact scores that affect hotels’ performance, according to region. 

The UK review performance analysis can be downloaded here