TrustYou Launches Innovative Live Experience Solution That Enables Hoteliers To Leverage Real-Time Feedback

by February 10, 2021 3:29 pm In The News, Press Releases

Munich, 10 February 2021  - TrustYou announces today the exciting addition of the newly-released Live Experience solution to the company’s product suite, which allows hoteliers to listen and react to guest feedback in real-time. Utilizing new features of TrustYou's best-in-class platform, hotels can now request and take action on instant feedback from their guests during the most important phase of the guest journey - the on-site experience. 

TrustYou is now the first and only company on the market to expand the concept of guest engagement by combining direct, contactless messaging with real-time guest surveys into one easy-to-use solution. First, with the improved Live Messaging tool, hoteliers can communicate with guests to ensure that negative experiences become positive ones.. With the Live Experience solution, both hoteliers and guests can explore the true meaning of real-time and contactless engagement, which, in the context of the current pandemic, is now more valuable than ever before. 

Then, the newly-released Live Survey tool effectively targets guests and encourages them to submit on-site feedback. Upon check-in, guests can gain access to the live survey through a QR code, a wifi login page, or a URL link provided by the hotel. Upon accessing the survey, guests can express their initial impressions, issues that they might have registered, or any particular requests that would improve their stay. Once the survey is submitted, the hotel staff sees it automatically in their Live Experience Inbox, from where they can reply in a timely manner, identify any problems, and take immediate action.  

TrustYou’s CEO, Benjamin Jost, said: “We have reached a point in history when open and honest communication between businesses and customers is more impactful than ever. By fully leveraging the Live Experience solution, hoteliers have the chance of not only defunding any issues that guests might encounter during their stay but also the opportunity of taking action on the spot and actually making a difference in the guest experience. By gathering mid-stay feedback, the hotel staff can take immediate action and prove to guests that they are heard, that their impressions matter, and that their wellbeing is the hotel’s highest priority. We want our clients and partners to have the best possible technologies and tools available on the market, in order to enhance the guest experience and make an actual difference; not later, not next time, but right now.” 

The TrustYou Live Experience solution is now available for hoteliers worldwide.   



About TrustYou 

TrustYou helps companies win through the power of listening and provides a guest feedback platform that makes listening to customers easy, powerful, and actionable. The platform unlocks the potential of guest feedback and helps to: 

  • Understand all reviews across the web and make better business decisions.
  • Publish hotel reviews on the website and on Google and allow positive feedback to influence bookings.
  • Create unlimited opportunities to listen and respond to guests’ needs.

TrustYou empowers companies to earn trust, make better decisions, and ultimately, win. 

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