TrustYou Launches Free Guest Survey Tool for Hotels

by December 7, 2011 12:00 pm Press Releases

Delivers Integrated Solution that Captures Online Satisfaction Surveys, Allows to Track
Social Media Reviews and Guest Reviews in One Application, Analyzes Sentiment, Enables
Hotel Direct Response and Feeds Reviews Back to Consumer Websites.

DALLAS, TX, Munich, Germany– December 7, 2011 – TrustYou, the market leader in social
media management for the hospitality and travel industries, announced today the launch of the
free guest survey tool for hotels and resorts. Instead of handling guest surveys and web monitoring
differently, TrustYou raises the bar on social media management by provinding an integrated
solution that allows hotels to capture all guest feedback in one tool. The TrustYou ReviewAnalyst
Survey allows hotels to capture, analyze, respond and integrate trustworthy reviews into their own
website. A first for the travel industry, the Survey will enable a hotel to push those reviews to third
parties like review websites and search engines. With this addition, TrustYou completes the travel
recommendation cycle by unlocking the potential of unlimited, reliable, up-to-date guest reviews that
until now were hidden behind logins and not accessible by end users.

For hotels, customer feedback is crucial to improve the quality of service and to sustain revenues.
With the rise of Social Media, it has become even more important. However, hotels are struggling
because they are using multiple systems and spending a lot of time managing reviews. With TrustYou,
hoteliers will be able to manage their reviews in a timely manner using just one single application”,
says Paulo Salvador, Global Vice President at Marketing and Sales of Worldhotels.

The TrustYou Survey allows hotels and hotel chains to easily integrate an online guest satisfaction
survey and within the same application monitor the whole social web, completely for free. Dynamic
sentiment analysis in 12 languages identifies the most relevant positive or negative trending topics
and comments. Hoteliers can immediately respond to customers reviews directly inline with their
comments. Finally, hotels can opt-in to push their guest reviews to third parties or integrate them into
their own websites.

Combined with the TrustYou Seal of Approval, guest satisfaction surveys that have been gathered
and analyzed by TrustYou are guaranteed to be authentic. Hotels and resorts opting to push their
review content are not able to select which recommendations are posted. While TrustYou may remove
offensive comments, the system pushes all content, positive or negative, equally. In addition, reviews
gathered through the Survey are more reliable because they are gathered from real guests with recent
stays and collected without editing.

“TrustYou is going to disrupt the review industry in hospitality. We do not see any reason why guest
reviews and social media reviews should be treated differently. By connecting guest reviews at the
hotel with the social web, we solve the fundamental problems of trust, volume and topicality of user
reviews,“ said TrustYou CEO and Co-founder Benjamin Jost. “The best part is we do it for free.
TrustYou is an infrastructure platform that helps our clients identifiying the context in a world of
scattered content and manage their social media activities to eventually increase their revenues.“

About TrustYou

Founded in 2008, TrustYou is a market leader in social media management and semantic technologies for
online reviews and social commerce.TrustYou gathers, structures, and monitors social sentiment across the
web in online reviews, posts, and comments for hoteliers, destinations, restaurants and travel companies. More
than 5 million consumers and 6,000 customers interact with TrustYou data and its application ReviewAnalyst.
TrustYou is also embedded into IT star rating systems in 16 countries throughout Europe. Global customers
include: Hard Rock Cafes, Starwood Hotels, Marriott Hotels, Best Western Hotels, Steigenberger Hotels, Omni
Hotels & Resorts, Worldhotels, Micros-Fidelio, TRUST International, HolidayCheck and many more. For
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