How B&B Hotels Gains More Visibility and Customer Insights With
TrustYou’s Guest Satisfaction Surveys

by August 25, 2014 7:55 am Press Releases

Oliver Goslich, Director of Sales and Marketing at B&B HOTELS, shares the company’s results with TrustYou’s online surveys and online reputation monitoring tools. B&B HOTELS is the fastest growing hotel chain in Germany, with more than 65 properties across the country.


Q. Mr. Goslich, what is your approach to B&B HOTELS’ online reputation management program?

A. B&B HOTELS takes its hotels’ online reputations very seriously, so much so that our Managing Director reads every single new review written about each of our 65+ properties. We take a holistic approach to reputation management: using TrustYou’s monitoring tools to track our hotels’ performance and improve as needed. Then at the end of 2012, we began using TrustYou’s surveys to gain even more feedback from our guests and will soon add review scores and summaries to our website.


Q. Can you elaborate on how post-stay surveys play into your online reputation management program?

A. TrustYou’s surveys allow us to gain more feedback from our guests using surveys that are customized with our own branding and custom questions. Furthermore, we are able to distribute the surveys to third-party sites like Holidaycheck, giving us more reviews and more visibility on these important websites.

Q. So how do you analyze survey results? 

A. Within TrustYou’s monitoring tool, we can easily break out our hotel scores by source, including survey data. Through the analysis of our own guest feedback, we have been able to further optimize our services and learn what sets us apart from the competition.

Q. Are you able to share any metrics about how the surveys have helped to improve your online reputation? 

A. We have gained 18,000 new reviews from TrustYou’s surveys. In fact, so far in 2014 these surveys account for 28% of all reviews written about B&B HOTELS. They also average 7% higher scores than reviews written on other channels.

Q. Where do you see the future of your online reputation management program going?

A. We recently renewed a multi-year contract with TrustYou so that we can build on our successes with new offerings like the multiple survey functionality, which will allow our hotels unlimited capabilities to ask guests about specific aspects of their stay. And we’ll integrate the Marketing Widgets onto our website so that we can proactively let travelers know about our reputation and increase conversion rates.


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