What Your Guests Are Saying About Hotel Cleanliness

Hotel cleanliness is one of the most important and decisive factors in today’s hospitality business. The quality of the cleanliness and sanitation standards is bound to have a higher impact on travelers than ever before and this means that the hotel's reputation also stands in the balance. In fact, a recent report conducted by the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) determined that, when booking a hotel, enhanced cleaning and hygiene practices rank as the second most important factor, right after price. 

Pandemic and post-pandemic travelers are trusting their hotels of choice with their very own safety and health. A less-than-ideal hotel environment, especially in the cleanliness department, can drive negative reviews and frustrations, which impact the course of future bookings. The high standards imposed by the new sanitation measures come as a great responsibility for hotel managers, but also as an incredible opportunity to build trust and nurture a positive reputation that will restart their business. 

We wanted to know exactly what hotel guests from around the world are currently saying through their feedback and how they perceive the cleanliness measures taken or not taken by their hotels of choice. 

Here are some of the most relevant reviews that we uncovered in our database:

“I was really surprised how the hotel and staff upgraded health and safety precautions to address the spread of COVID-19. Temperature check at entrance, sanitizing gel dispensers at every corner, people and staff wearing masks all the time, cleanliness and tidiness of the room. Nice and safe stay. I recommend it.”

“It was ok. No matter how many stars a hotel/apartment complex has, cleanliness is the most important thing to your guest. The apartment should be cleaner.”

“Given we are in COVID-19 days, a little more attention could be paid to the cleanliness of the unit.  Eg under the vanity, behind the bathroom door - the door stopper was horrible. Some of the bathroom tiles were not clean.”

“Staff offered at least some sort of discount due to cleanliness and the standard of the room not being acceptable!”

“I was very disappointed with the cleanliness of my room. Strong mould smell throughout and dirty crockery in cupboards. No empathy from staff when reported.”

It is clear just how much emphasis travelers put on their safety while traveling and how much their overall impressions are influenced by the cleanliness and sanitation of their hotel. 

Due to this reason, here’s a quick list of actions and strategies that you can implement in order to ensure their safety, meet their expectations, and establish your hotel business as one that genuinely cares about its guests’ safety and wellbeing:

Stay up to date with what your guests need to feel safe and secure - this can be easily done by constantly and thoroughly monitoring your reviews from all across the web

Pay attention to their concerns by asking and listening - make sure to communicate all throughout their journey (yes, even before and after their check in and check out) and use efficient, contactless means of communication, like surveys, in order to request feedback

Make the needed adjustments to meet the changing mindset - once you gather and analyze feedback, take action and make any possible changes that would turn a less than great experience into a satisfactory one. Remember, there’s no time like the present to act and make the adjustments that you and your guests desire

Do what it takes to keep guests happy - if guests complain, that’s ok. Take it as a learning experience, make notes to never repeat said issue, and try to fix it on the spot. Don’t forget to thank the guests for their honest feedback and even use compensation where necessary

At TrustYou, we offer a variety of resources on the topic of cleanliness and safety; we recommend that you check out The Ultimate Guide to Hotel Cleanliness Standards Around the World, to get a deeper understanding of why cleanliness matters so much and what the big names in the industry are currently doing in that regard.

Also, please feel free to contact us at any time for additional information or questions!


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