Hotel Guests in Lockdown: This Timelapse Shows the Drop In the Global Travel Health Index

Hotel guests have gone quiet. At the beginning of 2020, very few of us could have anticipated that the whole world would be on lockdown by the end of March. It all happened so quickly that it is hard to comprehend. While analyzing the crisis from a hotel guest review standpoint, we put together a time lapse video from out Travel Health Index to visualize the change in activity between 6 January 2020 and 6 April 2020 when guest review data slowed down to, almost, complete global inactivity.

Timelapse: guest review lockdown indicator 06/01/20 – 06/04/20

We update our Travel Health Index every week, leveraging the largest hotel guest review database in the world to monitor the global crisis. Keep an eye on the TrustYou blog for updates and insights over the next few weeks – you’ll be the first to know where and when hotel guests start speaking again.

What is the Travel Health Index

It is a key performance indicator developed by TrustYou to score the current state of hotel guest reviews against that of 2019. It leverages the largest guest review database in the world to calculate the state of hotel guest review activity globally and by country. It is calculated on a weekly basis and shows an upwards or downwards trend as compared to the previous week.