Solving the Hotel Tech Puzzle – The Importance of Smart Integrations

Every step you take, every move you make – technology is all around you. Especially in today’s hospitality business, where so many tech innovations pave the way to success, not relying on technology would definitely be counterproductive. But with so many different pieces of a puzzle, it can be hard to make sure that they all perfectly fit together and you have a clear overview of the bigger picture. This is why smart integrations are crucial; because while any scalable software is useful on its own, its capabilities are boosted when connected to another corresponding technology.

Not only that but operating multiple different platforms that are not connected is time-consuming and a hassle. You probably already have enough on your plate without having to worry about manually transferring data between systems and wasting valuable time on tedious operations. So how exactly can you leverage integrations and use them to serve your goals and daily operations? 

First of all, it’s important to enable as many software as possible to integrate with one another, a topic we have detailed further in our eBook, “The Hotelier’s Tech Stack Guide.” Before making a purchase decision, it is vital to discuss integrations with providers in advance. Keep in mind that, when creating a “network” of interconnected technologies, operations will automatically run more smoothly and lead towards a higher level of productivity. Besides, we must refer once again to the automation of processes and the time-efficiency that comes with it. 

Among the most commonly used and reliable hotel software, Internet Booking Engines (IBE), Property Management Systems (PMS), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software interlink well with each other and can also be connected to advanced feedback management platforms. When integrated, all of these systems enable one of the most valuable tools that a hotel can leverage: the guest profile. Personalization is highly raved about in hospitality since it is known to drive guest loyalty and direct bookings. However, segmenting your guests and creating insightful profiles requires a multitude of strategies that cannot be taken without the aid of technology, smart devices, and the above-mentioned systems.

The good news is that our comprehensive feedback platform enables guest surveys to be easily integrated with your other must-have hotel systems. The connection between the customizable surveys and your IBE, PMS, and CRM creates the opportunity for valuable data to be automatically transferred and managed. This means that you no longer need to manually update the guest information, reservations, and details, which is a time-consuming process. Instead, that time can be invested in more productive operations. The overall result of this integration is a complete analysis and breakdown of all the valuable guest information: their bookings, their history, their preferences, and their feedback. All of this contributes to an in-depth guest profile, which opens the door to future opportunities, through personalized offers, services, and experiences. 

Another beneficial part of our smart integration is the ease with which it can be achieved: you can set up the integration yourself, from within the TrustYou feedback platform, and without having to refer to any external provider! Generally, in order to complete a successful integration, you have to check the available software with the provider, wait for them to set up the corresponding APIs and go through a lengthy and time-consuming process. Our platform already has established seamless integrations with a multitude of industry leaders and this contributes to an extremely easy and fast integration process.

All you have to do is access the settings page within the platform, select the technology provider with which you would like to integrate and establish the connection. The mailing process of the guest surveys is automated and you can basically let things flow without having to worry about manually transferring and managing data, reservations, and feedback.

Your guests’ experiences will be automatically synced with your business operations, generating richer and more personalized profiles that you can leverage in the future. 

For even more information on the technologies and integrations required by a hotel chain, we recommend checking out our best practice “Quick-Start Guide to Software Solutions for Hotel Chains.” You can read more about which technologies are must-haves, what are the exact benefits of all-in-one platforms, and how to simplify and prioritize the software selection process. Also, we recommend checking out this article to see how a connected hotel tech stack enables reviews to directly impact revenue.

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If you are interested in using a complete, yet easy-to-use platform, in order to create smart integrations and more complex guest profiles, get more bookings, and a stronger ROI, make sure to get in touch!