Winning back tourists: the #1 power tip to rebuild your destination reputation

Reputation management comes with many challenges and opportunities for destinations. Now that travel is once again picking up in many regions, it is important to have real tourist insights to better assess current trends in traveler demographics. Where are your visitors traveling from? What is their motivation for choosing your destination? Do they plan on returning in the future?  

A true understanding of customer profiles in a mid and post pandemic world is the key to luring high-yielding tourists to your destination and making connections that enable unforgettable experiences. This is made possible through one thing only: listening to travellers. Listening gets you feedback and data.

The great news is that collecting and assessing traveller sentiments and feedback is much easier today than ever before. At TrustYou we believe that treating traveller feedback and sentiment analysis as a quality measure is going to be the game changer for the future of destination marketing. In fact, we recommend including it as a hard data point in your overall KPIs for 2022. It is our number one priority to support you with survey tools and technology that can empower the industry to build back better by listening, and analyzing feedback. 

That is why TrustYou is pioneering a key new way for destinations to ask questions and stay connected with travellers – the TrustYou Survey for Destination Marketing Organisations. 

Measuring quality through traveller surveys and sentiment analysis

The Survey – which can be shared with travellers visiting your area through email, or simply placing QR codes at airports or other strategic locations – will ask customers one or two questions (which can be customized and presented in your brand colours) as they pass by an airport or another relevant location. If you position it with a welcoming message and targeted questions, it has the potential to make travellers feel seen and valued.

Those answering can share their country of origin, age, and details about their current vacation, as well as the type of travel they like. It is an easy way to collect information on the kind of traveler visiting your area and what is important to them. Find out about their travel habits, and the type of accommodation or transportation they are likely to choose. Questions can be set up as drop downs, radio buttons, checkboxes, open text, or other formats, depending on the types of questions and how you prefer to read and analyze the data.

Visualize and analyse results in a colourful dashboard overview

Ultimately, custom or question tiles can be visualized in a dashboard to give you an overview of the most pressing insights. These tiles can then be exported to inform operational changes, marketing focal points, and to potentially evolve relationships with related businesses such as restaurants, hotels and shops in the area.

TrustYou Survey is a great way for destinations to get a real sense of the type of visitor, beyond simple ratings and reviews. For instance, if your average guest is currently from the local area but you find out through your survey that this is not the case anymore, you can adapt or expand your destination marketing strategy to cater to a different audience.

Ensuring destination marketing success is an open playing field once more and it is important to position your destination with the right travellers in mind and make sure to listen and act to ensure that they will be returning in future. 

Beyond the innovative Survey, TrustYou is the only company on the market that covers all stages of the guest journey! Contact us today to find out how to keep guests mesmerized every step of the way.

Lize De Kock

Lize started her career in creative advertising, lifestyle journalism and content marketing where she developed a passion for driving business results through innovation and big ideas. She now leads our content and brand team and believes that travel is the greatest inspiration.

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