Watch Now: 3 Things to Know about Travel in the US

Kelly Johnson

Kelly Johnson

Director of Marketing Operations

Catalina Brinza

Catalina Brinza

Digital Marketing Manager

In this live session with our Director of Marketing Operations, Kelly Johnson, we discuss the trends and insights into US travel and hospitality. We looked at the most relevant data from our US Review Insights Reports. Here are 3 key findings from our interview*: 

The US has one of the most mobile-friendly audiences. 

Guests expect to have access to travel apps via their phones or iPads that will help them through the entire traveling process. For hoteliers, it means that you’re likely to get an audience that would expect instant feedback to their requests, starting from booking to the check-out phase. 

85 %

is the estimated mobile adoption rate for North America for 2025.

In 2020, this number was at 82%.

63 %

of American consumers say that using a smartphone is critical for them when planning a trip.

US guests are less likely to give positive feedback, compared to other regions.

From the reviews we analyzed – we noticed that the positive feedback given in the US is slightly lower than in other regions, which means that the US has higher expectations in terms of their experience during a hotel stay. This isn’t a new trend, it’s something we’ve observed for a couple of years, even before the pandemic.

80 %

of all feedback we collected and analyzed is positive. Collecting more reviews leads to a higher probability of increasing your hotel rating.

The top three impact scores that drove positive reviews in 2021 are Service Friendliness, Location, and Beach.

The impact scores represent a series of well-defined categories that influence the performance score of a hotel.  

Top 3 Positive Impact Scores Us
Service, location, and beach are driving positive reviews

Service Friendliness is actually the only pre-pandemic category still in the Top 3. Guests are looking for a genuine interaction with the staff, that’s why contactless solutions should have a human touch. 

The other top categories – Location and Beach are the new joiners for our Top 3. Location relates to how well the hotel is positioned against specific points of interest, but also its exterior space and how well it is maintained. 

Beach is the third in our top  – confirming a trend we saw in our research – showing that Americans preferred to book their stays close to beach destinations.

Curious to explore more insights? Watch the full video:

*Complete data with sources is available in our Review Insights Reports.