Hospitality Hotspots: The Latest Middle East & North Africa Tourism Statistics [2022-2023]

The latest Middle East & North Africa tourism statistics from top-performing countries based on the latest third-party and TrustYou data [2022-2023]

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) travel industry benefited from one of the strongest recoveries last year, especially the Middle East. While the global recovery was estimated at 63% in 2022, arrivals in the Middle East reached 83% of pre-pandemic numbers. Hosting FIFA World Cup was a major contributor to the success and increase of tourism there. In Q4 2022, the region registered a 4% increase in arrivals compared to 2019, way above the global numbers (a 30% decrease compared to 2019). 

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What Guest Reviews Tell Us About the State of Travel

We analyzed more than 128 million guest reviews from our global hotel database - here’s what they tell us about the state of travel in 2022.

MENA is a dynamic and diverse region with much to offer for leisure and business travelers: luxurious hotels and restaurants, rich culture and traditions, breathtaking scenery, and historical landmarks. 

To give you an overview of the state of MENA travel, we looked at the top-performing MENA countries based on guest feedback and compiled the latest third-party and TrustYou statistics.  

#1 Top-Performing Countries in MENA

Using TrustYou’s Performance Score, we looked at the top-performing countries in terms of reputation. Performance Score is a metric showing an accommodation’s and/or restaurant’s average rating over a selected period. For this list, we chose the countries with the highest review volumes  - over 100k reviews in 2022 and 25k reviews in Q1 2023. We ordered the countries with the same performance score based on the highest review volume.

Hospitality Hotspots Top 5 Mena Countries
Compared to 2022, Q1 2023 brought a newcomer to the list: Egypt, currently fourth in our top-performing MENA countries. 

What makes these countries receive higher scores from travelers? We decided to take a deep dive into the latest statistics to understand the specifics of each country and identify emerging trends.

#2 Morocco Tourism Statistics 

Onwards and Upwards 

In Q1-Q3 2022, Morocco ranked third among the most visited Arab countries, with 11 million visitors, representing 84% of the 2019 numbers. Saudi Arabia ranked 1st, with 18 million visitors, followed by United Arab Emirates (UAE), with 15 million visitors.  

Casablanca is among the most popular tourist destinations in Marocco

Last year, the sector's revenue more than doubled compared to 2021, reaching 91 billion dirhams, exceeding 2019 levels. 

The historic success of the national team at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar brought more than a sense of unprecedented pride for the North-African country—the interest in visiting Morocco surged in the first months of 2023.  Forty days after the World Cup, the country registered a 40% increase in arrivals.  

By the end of February 2023, 1.9 million tourists visited Morocco,  464% more than in 2022.The authorities seek ways to capitalize on these successes and substantially boost the sector. By 2026, Morocco aims to reach the top 10 global destinations and increase its arrivals to 17.5 million tourists. The actions that will help achieve these targets include launching new air routes, 200k new jobs, and a $580 million investment in the sector.

The latest data for Q1 2023 shows a record growth: tourist arrivals increased by 17% compared to the the same period in 2019: 2.9 million tourists visited the country in the first three months.

Top Areas to Improve for Morocco Hotels Q1 2023

Impact Scores leverage all review data for hotels and fill in the gaps between what people say and how that impacts the scores they leave. With the help of semantic analysis, we extract all relevant data from all reviews. This way, we can estimate the impact that, for example, room maintenance had on a performance score in a particular period. These scores reflect different semantic categories (Service, WiFi, Parking, Location, etc.).

Here are the top areas Moroccan hotels can improve based on our impacts:

Morocco Q1 2023 Areas To Improve
Room Maintenance, Room Cleanliness, and Bathroom are the subcategories most likely to bring lower hotel scores.

These are the same subcategories that were most likely to decrease the performance scores of Moroccan hotels in 2022. After the pandemic, travelers continue to be concerned about cleanliness and health and safety measures - a globally-applicable priority.

Morocco Types of Travelers - Q1 2023

Morocco Type Of Travelers Q1 2023 Compared To 2022
In Q1 2023, TrustYou data shows that Morocco was the preferred destination for couples, followed by families and solo travelers. 

The segment couples registered the highest increase when compared to the entire year 2022.  There is a slight decrease in the family segment, but we expect it will rebound in Q2 2023 and Q3 2023, corresponding to summer vacations for families with children.  

Morocco is the second preferred destination for couples among all MENA countries analyzed.

#3 Qatar Tourism Statistics

Qatar World Cup 2022 Count Down Clock
Qatar was the first Arab country to host a FIFA World Cup.  

What’s next after the World Cup? 

The FIFA World Cup brought an impressive number of visitors to Qatar. In November and December 2022, international arrivals more than tripled compared to the previous months.  

International Arrivals Registering Record Increases During The World Cup Source Qatar Tourism
International arrivals registering record increases during the World Cup, source: Qatar Tourism

This event placed QATAR on the world tourism map, with authorities aiming to increase the country’s attractiveness. 

By 2030, Qatar wants to reach 6 million tourists annually and increase tourism contribution to GDP from 7% to 12%. Immediately after the World Cup, Qatar registered another win. Doha was chosen as the Arab Capital of Tourism awarded by the Arab Ministerial Council for Tourism, proving its commitment to improving its performance as a destination. Among other indicators of excellence, Qatar Airlines have been chosen for the seventh time as the best airline worldwide, based on 14 million surveys distributed across 100 countries by Skytrax.

The first numbers for 2023 also show an encouraging recovery. Qatar Tourism reports 340k arrivals in January 2023 and 389k in February 2023.

Further plans include hosting a few sports events - the 2023 Asian Football Cup and the Asia Games. Qatar is also preparing its candidacy for the 2036 Olympic Games. All these actions will help leverage the stadiums built to host the FIFA World Cup.

Top Areas to Improve for Qatar Hotels Q1 2023

Here are the top areas Qatar hotels can improve based on our impacts:

Qatar Q1 2023 Areas To Improve
Room Maintenance, TV, and Room Cleanliness are the subcategories most likely to bring lower hotel scores.

These are the same subcategories that were most likely to decrease the performance of Qatar hotels in 2022. A global trend, cleanliness continues to be a priority for travelers worldwide.  A specific impact for Qatar we saw in our 2022 data is TV. Consider offering more channels or upgrading your equipment to get higher scores. 

Qatar Types of Travelers - Q1 2023

Qatar Types Of Travelers Q1 2023
In Q1 2023, TrustYou data shows that Qatar was the preferred destination for families, followed by couples and solo travelers.

Qatar sees a higher proportion of business travelers, coming second after United Arab Emirates in Q1 2023 and sharing the 1st place in 2022. Both countries are known for their strong focus on event tourism. 

#4 Israel Tourism Statistics

The Holy Land welcomed 2.7 million international visitors in 2022 - 60% compared to 2019. The first data for 2023 shows an accelerated recovery - 199% more tourists visited the country compared to Q1 2022, reaching 87% of pre-pandemic levels. 

Jerusalem Cityscape Panorama
Jerusalem is a top destination for religious pilgrimages. One of the world's oldest and most sacred cities, it attracts more than 1.5 million Jewish, Muslim, and Christian pilgrims each spring, increasing the city’s population by 55% during Passover, Ramadan, and Easter.

Tourism Continues to Be VAT Exempt After Pressures From the Industry

The Netanyahu government planned to cancel the 17% tax on services exemption for tourists starting with the next state budget. Currently, travelers visiting Israel are exempt from the tax on accommodation, car rental, travel agency services, catering, etc. The government estimated that reintroducing the tax can generate up to $500 million yearly. But industry experts said the losses would be more significant than the gains. This proposal, which also was rejected in 2013, didn’t pass a ministerial committee.

Top Areas to Improve for Israel Hotels Q1 2023

Here are the top areas Israel hotels can improve based on our impacts: 

Israel Q1 2023 Areas To Improve
WiFi, Room Cleanliness, and Room Maintenance are the subcategories most likely to bring lower hotel scores.

Like the other MENA countries, Israeli hotels are more likely to receive lower Room Cleanliness and Maintenance scores. A specific impact for Israeli hotels is WiFi. We didn’t see this subcategory in our 2022 analysis for the country.  A stable and reliable internet connection is a priority for guests worldwide - WiFi was the second factor worldwide that could decrease a hotel’s ratings in 2022.

Israel Types of Travelers - Q1 2023

Israel Types Of Travelers Q1 2023
In Q1 2023, TrustYou data shows that Israel was the preferred destination for couples, followed by families and solo travelers. 

Percentage-wise, Israel is the most preferred destination for couples across the MENA countries we analyzed. This category recorded a slight increase when compared to the entire 2022. We also see a slight growth in Business and Solo Travelers. 

#5 United Arab Emirates Tourism Statistics 

When thinking about the Emirates, one place is at the top of the mind of almost every tourist: Dubai. In 2022, the iconic destination welcomed nearly 14.4 million overnight visitors, a 97% increase from 2021 and 86% of the 2019 volume  - above the global averages for recovery indicators. The occupancy rate also increased - from 67% in 2021 to 73% in 2022. 

The beginning of 2023 is more than encouraging. The first numbers for January and February show a 42% increase in tourism visitors compared to last year. 

Cheerful Asian Traveler Girl Walking On A Promenade In Dubai Marina District. Travel Destinations And Tourist Lifestyle In Uae
Dubai ranked first for the second consecutive time in TripAdvisors’ Travelers’ Choice of the Best Destination Awards 2023.

In 2023, a new decade starts for Dubai’s economy and tourism with the Dubai Economic Agenda D33. The strategy aims to double the size of Dubai’s economy by 2033 and place it among the top three global cities for tourism and business.  

Scrapping Taxes to Boost Tourism

Both Dubai and Abu Dhabi are revising certain taxes to make the tourism sector more attractive for travelers and industry professionals. Since the beginning of 2023, Dubai has no longer applied the 30% municipality tax on alcohol. Tourists and ex-pats don’t have to pay fees to get an individual liquor license for purchasing alcohol. 

Abu Dhabi is also scrapping taxes in an effort to boost event tourism. Organizers are now exempted from the 10% tax per ticket sold.

Top Areas to Improve for UAE Hotels Q1 2023

Here are the top areas UAE hotels can improve based on our impacts:

Uae Q1 2023 Areas To Improve
Room Cleanliness, Bathroom Cleanliness, and Room Maintenance are the subcategories most likely to bring lower hotel scores.

The areas leading to lower scores are similar to 2022. Overall, we see this trend at the global level when looking at specific categories to improve. 

UAE Types of Travelers - Q1 2023

UAE Types Of Travelers Q1 2023
In Q1 2023, TrustYou data shows that UAE was the preferred destination for families, followed by couples and solo travelers. 

Business travelers have a higher proportion in UAE than in other countries due to its strong focus on the events sector. It is also one of the most popular destinations among Solo travelers.

#6 Jordan Tourism Statistics

In 2022, Jordan registered an increase of 110.5% in tourism revenue, corresponding to a recovery in visitor arrivals - 5.05 million, compared to 2.36 million in 2021. The income has slightly surpassed the pre-pandemic levels by 0.4%.  

2023 looks even more promising: in the first quarter, the Kingdom’s tourism revenue grew by 88.4% compared to the same period in 2022. The number of overnight visits increased by 90.7% compared to 2022, surpassing the pre-pandemic volume by 5%.  
In March 2023, another Jordanian landmark was recognized for its focus on preserving traditions and promoting inclusiveness and accessibility. The village of Umm Qais received the UNWTO’s Best Tourism Villages Award.

Scenic View From Gadara Ruins Hilltop, Jordan
View of the ruins of the ancient city of Gadara in Umm Qais. The village recently focused on reviving the Aqueduct Tunnel to scale up adventure tourism. Known as the longest water tunnel in the world, the Aqueduct connects Southern Syria with Umm Quais.

Tourism Reform Continues

In April 2023, the government launched the third phase of reforming the tourism sector. Part of the Kingdom’s National Tourism Strategy 2021-2025, this stage focuses on improving the licensing system by creating a clear and simplified regulatory framework for businesses in the sector.

Top Areas to Improve for Jordan Hotels Q1 2023

Here are the top areas Jordan hotels can improve based on our impacts:

Jordan Q1 2023 Areas To Improve
Room Cleanliness, Bathroom, and Room Maintenance are the subcategories most likely to bring lower hotel scores.

Overall, the subcategories haven’t changed significantly compared to 2022 and reflect the guests’ needs to have a clean, well-equipped private space.

Jordan Types of Travelers - Q1 2023

Jordan Types Of Travelers Q1 2023
In Q1 2023, TrustYou data shows that Jordan was the preferred destination for couples, followed by families and friends.

Percentage-wise, Jordan, and Egypt are among the most popular destinations among the category friends.

#7 Egypt Tourism Statistics 

Egypt recorded a 46% growth in the number of tourists in 2022 compared to 2021. Last year, 11.7 million visitors entered the country of pyramids.

Authorities expect a 28% increase in the number of tourists in 2023. The recent data for the first months of the year indicate a strong beginning. In February and March alone, the number of tourists increased by 34% compared to 2022.  

The Pyramids And Bedouins In The Desert Of Giza, Egypt
The Pyramids of Giza are an iconic destination attracting more than 14 million visitors yearly.

An Ambitious Strategy

According to the recently adopted tourism strategy, the government aims to attract 30 million tourists by 2030. This will be possible if the yearly growth reaches 25%-30%.  

Doubling the hotel rooms, enhancing air connectivity, investing in promotional projects, and improving the overall visitors’ experience are among the main priorities to help boost tourism.  

Among the first actions taken by the government are focused on simplifying the visa process. In March, the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities announced that citizens of more than 180 countries can apply for a 5-year multiple-entry visa. Tourist visas for certain countries will be automatically renewed at Egyptian airports.  

Top Areas to Improve for Egypt Hotels Q1 2023

Here are the top areas Egypt hotels can improve based on our impacts: 

Egypt Q1 2023 Areas To Improve
Meat, Room Maintenance, and Alcoholic Drinks are the subcategories most likely to bring lower hotel scores.

Unlike the other MENA countries, for Egypt we see two subcategories related to F&B services: Meat and Alcoholic Drinks. Foreign guests may leave lower scores looking at the availability and quality of these products. Like the other MENA countries, except Israel, the majority of the Egyptian population is Muslim, with pork being forbidden and alcohol consumption not allowed in public.

Egypt Types of Travelers - Q1 2023

Egypt Types Of Travelers Q1 2023 1
In Q1 2023, TrustYou data shows that Egypt was the preferred destination for couples, followed by families and friends.

Egypt is a preferred MENA destination for families, with the largest proportion of this category registered in 2022. The couple segment has registered a significant increase when compared to 2022.

#8 How TrustYou Can Help Destinations Attract More Visitors

For destinations, the competition is getting stronger in the post-pandemic scene. Countries are planning elaborate strategies to help the sector go beyond recovery and make tourism a driver of economic growth.

A true understanding of customer profiles in the post-pandemic world is the key to luring high-yielding tourists to your destination and making connections that enable unforgettable experiences. This is made possible through one thing only: listening to travelers. Listening gets you feedback and data.

Create inspiring, exciting, unforgettable experiences. Collect feedback. Attract more visitors.

With TrustYou’s reputation management platform, you access valuable insights from thousands of hotel reviews - to understand your visitor’s behavior and improve key areas. You can integrate our review widgets onto your DMO website to give travelers the information they need to make a booking decision. Benchmark yourself against competitor destinations to identify your strengths and weaknesses to position yourself properly in the market. Help your DMO’s accommodations build their collection and understanding of guest feedback to increase the number of reviews.  Contact us today to find out how to keep your visitors happy every step of the way.

* To determine the top areas to improve, we looked at the top 3 subcategories for our impact scores. The current analysis doesn’t reflect the main categories. 

** due to the dynamic nature of the database, the numbers may vary if data was requested at an earlier / later stage.

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