DACH Hospitality Statistics 2023: Key Insights and Trends

The latest 2023 DACH hospitality statistics, including exclusive TrustYou and third-party data.  

TrustYou DACH Hospitality Statistics Q3 2023

#1 Review Volume Just 2% Shy Behind 2019 Numbers

Q3 2023 DACH review volume reached 98% of the pre-pandemic levels and recorded a 6.7% increase compared to Q3 2022.

Dach Review Volume Evolution Q3 2019 2021 2023 1
DACH Review Volume Trend – Q3 2019, 2021, 2022, & 2023

This quarter, the review volume evolution reflects a similar trajectory to other tourism indicators. 

The German Federal Statistical Office reports a 1.4% increase in overnight stays in July 2023, a 1.3%  decrease in August, and +5% in September against the same periods in 2022. September also recorded a 3.8% growth compared to 2019, the second month after May this year recording better performance than in 2019. All of Q3 2023 recorded growth in overnight stays from travelers abroad.  

Austria recorded 3.7% more overnight stays in August and 4.8% in September compared to the same months in 2022. The demand was especially high for accommodations marked as recreation facilities in August (15.5% more than in 2022) and campsites for September (21.2% increase).  

Switzerland registered an increase of 4.5% in overnight stays in July, 1.9% in August, and  7.5% in September against the same months in 2022. The Federal Office for Statistics also released the first data for 2023. Between January and September 2023, the overnight stays grew by 9.9% compared to 2022.  Demand from outbound travelers grew by 23.6%, while domestic overnight stays slightly decreased (-1.1%). 

#2 A Record for Positive Feedback

96% of the DACH guest reviews are positive. 

Historically, DACH recorded an impressive ratio of positive reviews in the last few years, surpassing many other markets. This quarter, this number broke a record since 2022. Last year, 95% of all reviews were positive, and in Q2 2023, the proportion was 94% from all feedback. This is a great indicator of guest satisfaction and focus on quality and improvement.

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#2 WiFi Back as First Category with the Most Negative Impact 

Most of the categories impacting the performance score of a hotel remained unchanged in Q3 2023.  

However, there are two changes in the bottom three categories. 

Q3 2023 Dach Impact Scores
TrustYou’s Q3 2023 DACH Positive and Negative Impact Scores Influencing the Performance Score of a Hotel

WiFi is back as the first category to bring more guest dissatisfaction. While Price remains a top priority for guests, this quarter, it comes second. 

A newcomer in the bottom categories is the Wellness Area. If you’re offering wellness services at your hotel, ensure those areas are properly maintained and staffed. 

Industry Wrap-Up: DACH Hospitality Statistics Q3 2023

#4 Spotlight on Germany

Germany records a strong demand from other European countries. A recent study shows that, between May 2022 to April 2023, rail travel to Germany from other European destinations has increased by 16%.  European travelers preferred to extend their stays – from an average of 4.4 to 5.2 days

Internally, the 49 EUR ticket for public transportation has been used by more than 10 million people between July and August 2023. The authorities hope to increase this number. 8% of those who purchased the Deutschlandticket haven’t used public transport before. Approximately 5% of all trips would have been made by car if the ticket had not been introduced. The study shows that 20% to 30% of the ticket holders come from larger cities, compared to 6% from towns or rural areas. 

#5 Spotlight on Austria

Austria has been revealed as the most overcrowded tourist country on the European continent. On average, there are 3.6 tourists for every local, with Vienna being the first destination of choice for many travelers. During the summer of 2023, Austria’s capital experienced a 19.3% increase in overnight stays compared to the same period in 2022. Between June and August 2023, the most popular destination in Austria was Tyrol, recording the highest volume of bookings – 16.9 million

When looking ahead at the winter season, the industry is more cautious, despite a successful summer season. 4 out of 10 hoteliers expect a moderate performance or decline if bookings don’t increase in the upcoming period. The booking window has also shortened – with many travelers planning based on the weather conditions. 

#6 Spotlight on Switzerland

The latest survey from HotellerieSuisse looks at the industry’s performance in summer and offers an outlook for the upcoming winter season. 

The majority of those surveyed from the accommodation sector are satisfied with the performance they achieved during the summer season, with sales exceeding 2022 numbers. Cities recorded a particularly good performance – 65% of urban accommodations reported an increase in sales compared to last year. Looking at the winter season, the industry is optimistic – the majority expect a similar performance as in 2022, 30% are confident they will register a better season, and only 14% have lower expectations.  

Staffing continues to be a challenge, especially for the mountain regions, where 56% stated that the recruiting process continues to be difficult, compared to 24% of urban accommodations. 

TrustYou DACH Hospitality Statistics Q2 2023

#1 Review Volume Only 3% Below 2019

Q2 2023 DACH review volume reached 96.6% of the pre-pandemic levels and recorded a 14.1% increase compared to Q2 2022.

Dach Review Volume Evolution Q2 2019 2021 2023 1
DACH Review Volume Trend – Q2 2019, 2021, 2022, & 2023

Like EMEA, we witness a moderated increase, mainly attributed to the region’s quick rebound in 2022. DACH review volume continues to exceed EMEA averages.  

Official statistics also confirm a similar trend. According to DESTATIS, May 2023 was Germany’s first month to exceed overnight stays by 5.6%. April got very close – just a shy 0.2% behind 2019. In June 2023, the number slightly dropped – 2.2% less than in 2019.

In May 2023, Austria recorded 8.28 million overnight stays, 25.9% more than the previous year. In June, the country saw a notable increase in overnight stays by non-residents – 67% more compared to May 2023, which also positively impacted the overall number of overnight stays – 51% more compared to May 2023 and a 5.3% increase compared to June 2022. 
In the first half of 2023, Switzerland recorded 3.6% more overnight stays compared to 2019. The inflow of foreign visitors increased significantly by 33% compared to 2022.

#2 Positive Feedback is Steadily High

94% of the DACH guest reviews are positive.

DACH hoteliers consistently offer their guests a great experience; their positive reviews are among the highest in all areas analyzed. As of 2022, the percentage of positive feedback received was as high as 95%.

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#3 Hotel Improves Scores; Price Brings Lower Ratings

We found six key factors that can make or break a hotel’s review scores in the DACH region.

Q2 2023 Dach Impact Scores
TrustYou’s Q2 2023 DACH Positive and Negative Impact Scores Influencing the Performance Score of a Hotel

One of the categories labeled as “negative” impact – Beach – surprisingly had a positive effect on performance. This observation supports the idea that when the ratio of positive feedback is already very high, there tends to be fewer categories with negative impacts. Moreover, it showcases the dedication of the hoteliers to improving and considering the needs of their guests.

The Hotel category brought the highest positive contribution to the score. Additionally, during Q2 2023, Waterpark and Sport Hotels received high guest appreciation.  

Regarding Service, DACH guests especially appreciated the friendly staff and efficient management. The hotel’s location was crucial as it played a key role in increasing the chances of receiving positive reviews, especially when there were opportunities for sightseeing and going on excursions.

In  EMEA, we notice a trend around the category Price as the number 1 factor that can bring lower scores, a shift from Q1 2023 when WiFi held the first position. DACH guests paid particular attention to Food prices. Guests were more inclined to leave negative reviews if they experienced an unstable or unreliable internet connection or the hotel charged for WiFi services.
Even though the Beach category entered the bottom three scores, it still positively impacts the guest experience.

Industry Wrap-Up – DACH Hospitality Statistics Q2 2023

#4 Spotlight on Germany

In June 2023, the German authorities approved essential changes to the Skilled Immigration Act, relaxing the entry and residency requirements for skilled workers outside the EU. Among measures to attract additional workforce are lower salary requirements to be eligible for the EU Blue Card, easier recognition of certifications, degrees, and experience, the possibility to search for a job one year under the “Opportunity Card” while staying in Germany, and others. Authorities hope these changes will make Germany more attractive for non-EU workers and reduce the country’s generalized staff shortage. 

At the beginning of June, Deutsche Bahn announced the release of the 10 EUR ticket, available for specific short-distance trips. Over one month and a half, passengers can buy less than 10 EUR tickets for shorter trips. This comes on top of the 49 EUR ticket initiative, released this spring.

#5 Spotlight on Austria

OHV asked 750 Austrian and German guests about their booking behaviors. Here are some of the key findings: 

  • More guests book on the go. In 2019, 64% of Austrians used their desktops to book their trips. This number decreased to 55% in 2023. German travelers also book more via mobile: 74% used a desktop in 2019, which fell by 13% this year. 
  • Email and phone continue to be the preferred communication channels. 40% of Austrians and 30% of Germans prefer to be contacted via email. 26% of Austrians and 31% of Germans prefer the phone instead for any questions or information regarding their stay. 

Another recent study by Online Birds assessed online marketing adoption for Austrian hotels. The last analysis returned an average score of 58 out of 100 points for Austrian hotels and 42 for German hotels. The research examined key digital performance metrics, such as SEO, SEA, website conversion, email & social media marketing.  While most Austrian hotels have implemented the standard best practices for website optimization, SEO, and email marketing, there is still room for improvement regarding consistent social media posting and using Google Ads to attract new guests. 

#6 Spotlight on Switzerland

Hoteliers from Switzerland expressed confidence in the summer season, anticipating an average 27% increase in overnight stays. Mountains, but especially city destinations, are expected to register high performances. This boost is attributed to a rise in visitors outside of Europe. Chinese travelers are still the most missed – numbers show that, after reopening, Chinese visits to Switzerland were at 30% compared to 2019. European arrivals will also grow but at a slower pace. 

Swiss travelers are most likely to shift their attention to international destinations. A report released by AirBnB focusing on the Swiss market shows that the searches for trips have increased by 50%. The most popular city destinations are Edinburgh (UK), Oslo (Norway), Copenhagen (Denmark), and Brittany (France).  

TrustYou DACH Hospitality Statistics Q1 2023

#1 Review Volume Above EMEA Averages

Q1 2023 DACH review volume reached 93.3% of the pre-pandemic levels and recorded a 47.4% increase compared to Q1 2022. 

Historically, we noticed that the DACH region exceeds EMEA averages regarding review volume over time – a trend continuing in Q1 2023.  In Q1 2022, the DACH review volume was 63% of 2019 levels. It’s only a matter of time until it surpasses the pre-pandemic numbers.

Dach Review Volume Evolution Q1 2019 2021 2023
DACH Review Volume Trend – Q1 2019, 2021, 2022, & 2023

Other key tourism indicators show similar growth. Between January and February 2023, Germany recorded 50.4 million guest nights, with an average increase of 44.4% compared to the same period in 2022, and only 11.1% behind the first two months of  2020. Foreign stays registered the highest growth, with a whopping 103.4% compared to January – February 2022. 

Austria reported 7.4 million arrivals for February-March 2023, with an average increase of 25.7% compared to the same period in 2022. 
Switzerland recorded around 2.4 million arrivals in Q1 2023, with an overall 9% increase compared to last year. International arrivals grew by 36%. 

#2 Positive Feedback is Steadily High

94% of the DACH guest reviews are positive. 

DACH hoteliers continue to deliver an exceptional experience to their guests, with the ratio of positive reviews being amongst the highest of all regions.  In  2022, 95% of all feedback was positive.

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Replying to positive feedback may not be your number one priority, but we encourage you to take your time and respond as much as you can to your guests’ praises. By saying a genuine thank you, you may turn a one-time satisfied customer into a returning, delighted guest.

#3 Hotel Improves Scores; WiFi Brings Lower Ratings

We found six key factors that can make or break a hotel’s review scores in the DACH region. There are two newcomers to the positive and negative impact scores in Q1 2023 – Location (replacing Room in our positive impacts) and Beach (replacing Food in our negative impacts).

Q1 2023 Dach Impact Scores
TrustYou’s Q1 2023 DACH Positive and Negative Impact Scores Influencing the Performance Score of a Hotel

It’s important to note that one of the categories amongst the “negative” impacts, Beach, actually had a favorable effect on performance. It makes sense to see fewer categories with negative impact when the positive feedback ratio is among the highest. Additionally, it demonstrates a commitment to improvement and listening to guests’ needs.

Hotel is the category most likely to contribute to a positive score. When mentioning this category, in particular, guests were evaluating their overall experience during the stay. Romantic Hotels were also highly appreciated in Q1 2023. A charming, intimate atmosphere, especially during Valentine’s Day, made a difference for couples and elevated hotel review scores.  

In terms of Service, friendly staff and effective management enhanced DACH guests’ satisfaction. Location was also essential, with sightseeing opportunities and accessibility increasing the likelihood of a positive review.

On the negative side, an unstable or unreliable internet connection or excessively high WiFi costs can result in guest frustration and negative reviews. Pricing also played a significant role, with high food prices and poor value for money also leading to guest dissatisfaction. The concern for food prices is shared equally by guests and hoteliers. A recent DEHOGA survey shows that the rising food prices are the second largest concern for German hoteliers (77.4%) after energy costs (80.1%). 

Although Beach enters the bottom scores, it positively impacts the guest experience. It’s surprising to see a seasonal category in a period with colder months. When evaluating this category, most probably, guests referred to the view from their room and the cleanliness and maintenance of a beach, which is also important during the off-season.  

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Industry Wrap-Up – DACH Hospitality Statistics Q1 2023

#4 A Strong Winter Season, Despite High Temperatures and Lack of Snow

The 2022-2023 DACH winter season ended positively despite ongoing challenges, such as lack of snow, staff shortages, and the energy crisis. 

Austria was only 5.5% behind the 2018-2019 season, even though this winter was among the sixth warmest season recorded in the last 256 years. The regions with the highest amounts of snow were Carinthia and Styria. 

For December 2022 – January 2023, arrivals in the German alpine areas were at 87% of the pre-pandemic level. Allgäu was the preferred choice for almost half of visitors (46%), followed by Zugspitz (11%), and the Chiemsee-Alpenland region (11%). 

Scenery Of Houses Under Snowy Rocks In Leukerbad, Switzerland
The Swiss destination of Leukerbad broke several records this winter season, registering the highest number of admissions and first-time entries in the last ten years.

It was a good season for Switzerland as well. The Grisons ski areas were only 8% behind pre-pandemic numbers. The Graubünden canton registered an 18% increase in overnight stays compared to the 2021/2022 season. Despite the low demand during Christmas and New Year due to high temperatures and lack of snow, the area rebounded in January and February. While high-altitude regions thrived, low-altitude areas struggled due to climate changes, recording low performances compared to the previous season.  

High temperatures and green pastures will continue to be a challenge for destinations relying on winter tourism in the upcoming years. Alternative strategies, including hiking, biking trails, and agrotourism, can help attract tourists during a warmer winter.

#5 €49 Transport Ticket Gets Approved

The monthly €49 ticket applies to local train and bus transportation and was launched to the general public on May 1st, after receiving approval from the German legislative bodies in March 2023.  Followed by the success of the €9 ticket introduced last summer (62 million tickets sold and 10% of car trips replaced), this initiative encourages consumers to use public transport and reduces the pressure of increasing costs. International visitors can also use the ticket to visit various local landmarks. 

#6 Creative Ways to Tackle Staff Shortages

A joint project between the Zurich Airport and five mountain railways aims to tackle a chronic pain point of the travel industry: the lack of skilled workers. The project ‘’From Ski Slopes to Airport Slopes’’ aims to offer year-round jobs for seasonal workers. During the winter season, the staff will support the mountain railways and in the off-season, they will help manage the increasing traffic at the airport. The project started in March 2023. Besides tackling staff shortages, it also aims at providing more stability for seasonal workers. 

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#7 Austria Booking Behaviors: A Study by OHV

The latest OHV study gives insights into the booking behaviors of Austrian travelers in 2022. Here are a few key findings: 

  • Direct is the way. 7 out of 10 Austrian travelers prefer to book via direct channels (the hotel’s website, phone, or email), and a similar trend was recorded in 2021. With more international guests entering Austria, this number will likely decrease in 2023.  Direct booking is especially popular among regulars, with 30% of returning guests booking only via direct channels and 67% using direct channels regularly.  
  • OTAs are at a slight decline.  20.1% of sales came from OTAs, which is 4.5% less than in 2019. This decrease can be explained by lower international and business travel levels. 

Read more insights here

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*The requested Q1 2023 positive and negative Impact Scores reflect the main semantic categories. 

** Q1 2023 Impact Scores and Review Volume were requested at the beginning of April 2023. Due to the dynamic nature of the database with reviews and hotels being updated, the numbers may vary if data were requested at an earlier or later stage.***the report includes rounded numbers for a clearer data representation.