TrustYou’s Engineering Career Path

At TrustYou we believe in continuous growth and transparency and two years ago, as a part of a natural evolution of our organization, we decided to formalize a career path with the following benefits in mind:

  • For the engineers: make it easier to understand where they are on the growth path within our organization and what their next steps might be.
  • For the managers: define a reference for discussions around performance and guide to prepare the promotion of a direct report.
  • For the hiring process: create a tool for an objective assessment of the candidate’s entry level.
  • For the training strategy: have a common understanding of the main skills and grades of proficiency for each level.

After its initial publication, the framework sparked discussions and ideas for its evolution but over time it proved to be a stable tool for career planning so we came now to a conclusion that it is good enough to share with you.

The framework has been heavily inspired by the ladder published by Camille Fournier which on the other hand was partially based on the engineering ladder published by Foursquare. We reworked the path with the goal of keeping the same level of detail but simplifying the overall structure and as a result, I think, we are getting something a little bit lighter than the original version. Naturally, it has been also adjusted to work better in TrustYou’s context, taking into account our culture, values, and our engineering talent.

We are sharing the career path now in this blog post hoping that it will help structure and add transparency to your engineering organization. The content below is an almost exact copy of our internal document, with minor adjustments removing references to other internal resources. Enjoy!

TrustYou Engineering Career Path

Thanks to Jorge Para.