Reshaping hospitality through creative design: the TrustYou Brand Refresh with Martina Schloemp

Martina Schloemp 2

Martina Schloemp

Creative Marketing Manager

Catalina Brinza 1

Catalina Brinza

Digital Marketing Manager

Martina’s been with TrustYou for a year, and she brought her A-game straight away! In this period of time, she was the design mastermind behind our TrustYou brand refresh. 

Starting February 15th, TrustYou entered into a new era for hospitality with an updated look and feel, that reinforces our core values in a changed industry: trust, relationships, quality, technology, and innovation.

In this interview with our design lead, we’ll be discussing the process behind the campaign, the new brand materials, and what it’s like to design for the hospitality sector

The Process Behind The TrustYou Brand Refresh

Communication, design precision, and Brand Identity make a big difference in keeping the process running smoothly. The New Era of Trust is the campaign name but it’s also the new era of communication for us, our customers, and partners.

Catalina: Hi Martina, first of all, congratulations on all the work and effort you put into this campaign and rebrand! How do you feel after the public reveal? 

Martina: Thank you so much, Catalina. The launch was met with great success and started the new era of TrustYou and our vision for the company and the industry. As professionals our goals are, together with our products and mission, to be a part of the positive change in the hospitality industry in the post-pandemic world 2022 and onwards.

Catalina: Can you tell us the difference between a brand refresh and a rebrand? 

Martina: For us, the main goal for the brand refresh was to create a new vision, communication, and creative direction but also share this vision with the industry. Also, to spread more hope for the future, highlight our core values, and why we love what we do. With the brand refresh, we wanted to strengthen our visual communication and embrace our clients and also professionals behind TrustYou while being true to our brand. We refreshed what we believe in – this also displays on our new logo and brand colors. We refreshed our communications, visual and creative materials.

Catalina: How did it all start? Where did the idea of a brand refresh come from? 

Martina: The world and hospitality have changed very much in the past two years. Design and brands develop with new times coming and to us, it was essential to communicate our positive influence, who we are, and how we help to shape the industry and support our customers to succeed in the recovery process.

Catalina: Can you guide us through what it means to implement such a campaign? What are the steps that got us to this fresh look? 

Martina: Designing a new brand vision and the creative direction is unique to every project and brand. For TrustYou it was about embracing our core values and solutions for the industry in 2022 and on. Together with modern design, brand identity and creative standards, the goal is the most important part. For us – the goal was all about the quality, client’s success, our professionals and product and the change we make in the hospitality industry. We wanted to make people feel all those emotions.

Catalina: What was most rewarding for you when working on this brand refresh campaign? 

Martina: The final result – especially our new launch video campaign and communications. This project was a year-long dedication not only to creative work and design but also to our visual communication and products. We believe in the success of the industry, we believe in the future and we believe in the quality we provide.

Catalina: And what was the most challenging part of it for you? 

Martina: This entire brand rebrand was created internally within our company, which is a challenge at times but also an enormous success for us. I’m very proud of the results and our professionals.

We wanted to show loyalty, hope, vision for success, travel, partnerships, the quality of our product, and the solutions that help to shape the industry to its full potential.

Catalina: What do you think was key to making sure that this campaign is a success? 

Martina: When it comes to modern brand design and visual creation I’m a big believer in showing rather than describing in detail. We wanted to show loyalty, hope, vision for success, travel, partnerships, the quality of our product, and the solutions that help to shape the industry to its full potential.

New Video, Logo, Color Palette, and Many More

Catalina: Let’s walk through the major changes and new things that this brand refresh brings to TrustYou. Starting with the star – the TrustYou Brand Video! Some of our colleagues said that they liked the video so much, that they put it on repeat when drinking their coffee in the morning. I think I’ve watched it more than 20 times, and not because I had to upload it on various platforms! 

Martina: That makes me very happy. The creative mission was to spread our vision we have for the future. 

The TrustYou Brand Video

Catalina: There are also some color changes we made to our palette. Can you tell us more about it? 

Martina: TrustYou was using a wide range of colors from different color families in its materials and visuals. In the original research, we’ve asked ourselves ‘Who are we in the future and after research and testing decided to go for blues and yellows. Blue light and dark blue, teal to represent our innovation, trust, loyalty, and professionalism. Added to that – the orange and yellow to embrace our relationships with clients, passion for travel and hospitality and adventures. This change will positively affect TrustYou digital as well as printed materials.

The TrustYou New Color Palette

Catalina: And what about the logo? 

Martina: The sleek classic TrustYou logo design was redefined and color-adjusted. We kept its clean lines, radiating confidence, and replaced the tricolora bubbles with dark blue. Trust and the three bubbles are now connected visually with You being in the spotlight. TrustYou will also be represented by our Three-Bubble Icon.

New 2022 TrustYou logo: Full version and icon
DMO campaign featuring TrustYou new logo
TrustYou campaign featuring new icon logo

Catalina: One of the most challenging parts that I see, for a campaign of such proportion, is making sure that all these changes are reflected in everything that we use as a company: from our digital presence to our product and internal platforms. What do you think can help this process run smoothly? 

Martina: Communication, design precision, and Brand Identity make a big difference in keeping the process running smoothly. The New Era of Trust is the campaign name but it’s also the new era of communication for us within TrustYou and with our customers and partners.


Catalina: Speaking about our digital presence – the new homepage of our website looks stunning!

Martina Our amazing web developer made the web design come to life beautifully. For us it’s very important that all our materials, communication and product are aligned. Web is an essential part of it.

TrustYou’s updated homepage

Catalina: These are all very exciting changes! The amount of positive feedback we have received from our internal team, our customers, and external partners are incredible! 

Martina: Thank you very much. I’m very happy to see this brand refresh coming to life. My special thank you goes to all the professionals and teams involved.

Crafting Visual Experiences in the Hospitality Sector

Catalina: Every industry has a certain focus design-wise. What do you think matters most when crafting visual experiences in the hospitality sector? 

Martina: The goal, the vision for TrustYou, and the direction. The hospitality industry is recovering and the question I creatively always ask is ‘Where do you help to change the industry for the better and for success?’ and ‘How will we communicate it in a clear modern way?’ For us, we want to show how we feel and share our goals for the future: Video will say it all,  while our other materials and visuals will spread the message in a more detailed way.

Catalina: Looking at the future of design in hospitality: how it will look like? What will it bring new? 

Martina: Clear messaging and mission. Think in the future. Think like a visionary in your field. Think from other points of view to open new possibilities.