Tracking Key Review Categories in the Post-COVID Hospitality Scene

While hotels around the world are preparing for recovery and reopening, one thing is more and more clear: travel and hospitality are now significantly different than even just a few months ago. Hoteliers are opening their doors to a new “generation” of travelers, with different needs, expectations, and more importantly – concerns around public health and cleanliness standards.

When booking a hotel or any other type of accommodation, guests will likely push aside factors like price or brand loyalty to make room for new key priorities: health, hygiene, cleanliness. The post-COVID19 traveler packs a lot of questions and concerns in his (or her) bag and hotels need to be able and willing to set those concerns to rest, by ensuring trust in crucial decision-making categories. 

While internal adjustments that tackle safety and cleanliness are the first step towards guaranteeing a satisfactory hotel guest experience, it is equally important to track and analyze these new key categories from the guests’ perspective. As a hotelier, you need to be aware at all times of how your guests are perceiving their hotel experience in relation to the COVID-19 situation. Are they feeling safe while being on the premises? Do they have everything they need to enjoy a relaxing stay? Do they trust your hotel’s cleanliness and public health precautions? These are all questions that you should always know the answer to, in order to promote a positive reputation and ensure your guests’ wellbeing.

Because analyzing and leveraging guest feedback is more important than ever, we, at TrustYou, have developed new review categories that are now integrated into the platform’s analytics dashboard. The exclusive semantic Public Health categories also include eight sub-categories that break down the hotel’s COVID-19 response, in regards to employee and guest health, disinfection and sanitization, safe distancing, personal protective equipment, cleaning technology, staff health precautions, and the health measures taken by management. 

These specific insights will show hoteliers exactly what their guests think in terms of the COVID-19 measures taken by the hotel, what they need in order to feel secure, and what they expect from their hotel stay. Management will be able to emphasize guests’ wellbeing even more during post-coronavirus travels and turn guest feedback into actionable insights. Analyzing feedback in a granular way is crucial because the more details hoteliers get about the guest journey, the easier it is to adjust measures and operations in order to provide an excellent stay, one that focuses on neutralizing fears and promoting exceptional experiences. 

As all the other TrustYou review categories, the new Public Health one is based on semantic analysis, which measures and analyzes the sentiments in keywords from hundreds of thousands of guest reviews from around the web. The semantic analysis enables users to closely track the latest and most relevant trends in terms of guest feedback. 

To dive deeper into the topics of cleanliness and safety, make sure to read this article about the new Trusted Cleanliness Badge that we have recently developed in order to support hoteliers turn their hotel’s hygiene standards into their biggest promoters. 

Make sure to can access this page to learn more about the Public Health review categories from the TrustYou Analytics module and see how you can track key categories in the post COVID-19 era. Also, on the same page, you can get more information about how to get your free Cleanliness badge!

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