The Elevated Hotel Guest Experience: Simple, Easy, Effective

Guest experience is what hospitality is all about. The world’s best hotels are guest experience leaders and do whatever it takes to stay up to date with individual guest needs as well as market changes. Within a fluctuating environment it is imperative to remain flexible and keep a finger on the pulse of what moves travelers. 

While building relationships has always been key for the industry, being able to do so throughout challenging times has the potential to create long term results for those who are consistent in enabling meaningful interactions. At TrustYou, we take the time to listen and communicate with our hotel community. We invest the time to create products that meet growing guest demands and make it easier for the industry to ensure guest satisfaction and keep up with the escalating amount of preferred local communication channels and latest trends in technology.

Keep it simple with an integrated guest communication and feedback platform

Hotel technology has to be consistently updated to meet ever-changing needs and soon it becomes overly complex to make sure that all the different tool sets can work together seamlessly. After all, while the guest experience is imperative in the hotel business, the staff experience is what makes it all possible behind the scenes. The user experience for your hotel staff should not exhaust all their energy, but rather offer smart and efficient solutions that quickly help the team to pinpoint issues and anticipate the next best steps to take in order to impress your guests.

At TrustYou we are committed to offering you a SaaS platform so seamless, that it elevates your hotel staff experience to the same high standards that you hold for your guests. All it takes is quickly clicking through our optimized navigation to set up and gather a check-in survey. You can also do an on-site pulse check by sending targeted surveys on critical topics such as cleanliness and breakfast options at the hotel and respond to guests in real time. At the same time you can discuss their feedback internally via team chats, assign issues to team members and line it all up with post-stay reviews from across the web. Which saves on time-consuming team logistics.

Hear how the Highlander Hotel put guest experience first, and created a #1 TripAdvisor ranked hotel:

99% of travelers read reviews before booking and 65% check for cleanliness badges

Besides guest review quality and quantity influencing your Google rankings, these reviews that you work so hard for also need to be showcased loud and proud. With the complete TrustYou Guest Experience package, you can promote your verified reviews directly on the hotel website. In addition to that our Trusted Cleanliness badge helps to verify the health and safety standards at your hotel, and ensure peace of mind ahead of their stay. 

Watch this interview with Dr. Cathy Enz to understand how cleanliness standards impact bookings:

You can enhance your review scores by up to 8% with a TrustYou post-stay survey which gets up to 50% more responses than any other guest survey on the market today. TrustYou powers Google review summaries for up to 900k hotels and boosts your review count and score due to all the effort you already made with meeting expectations via pre-stay and on-site feedback and service recovery. 

That’s right, with the TrustYou Guest Experience solution you can ultimately gain better rankings, more visibility and increased revenue. What else are you waiting for?

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